PM Imran called on the international community to act against war crimes in controlled Kashmir | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday called on the international community to fulfill its responsibilities as he sought action against war crimes and genocide committed against Kashmiris by the BJP-led Indian government.

The occupied valley has been locked since August last year when India unilaterally revoked its special status through presidential regulations. The regulation was immediately followed by a strict curfew and a communication blackout that continues to this day. The outbreak of Covid-19 had little effect on the situation in Kashmir.

In a series of tweets posted today, the prime minister said the Indian right-wing government, under the guise of a pandemic, had continued “the Hindutva supremacy agenda, which was driven by fascist RSS ideology”.

He further said that the BJP-led government continued the slaughter of Kashmiris who violated the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The prime minister added that New Delhi was trying to change the demographics of the disputed region.

“The international community has the responsibility to record & act against these war crimes by India in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention & int humanitarian law,” PM Imran said.

On Monday, the government of Jammu and Kashmir extended a ban on high-speed 4G internet in the valley that was held by calling the “threat of terrorism” from Pakistan.

An official order issued at the time stated: “There is strong concern from field agents about Pakistan’s increased efforts to recruit in the ranks (militants) as well as infiltration efforts, which rely heavily on high-speed internet.”

The extension came despite continuing protests by doctors especially over the unavailability of high-speed internet which was important in the fight against the pandemic. The valley has registered around 565 confirmed cases with 8 deaths reported amid local government reports that played down Covid-19 statistics.

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