The US is reviewing the Taliban deal, Afghanistan asks Pak to “force” the Taliban to reduce violence | Instant News

Although levels of violence remain high in Afghanistan, the new Biden administration has made it clear that it plans to review last year’s US-Taliban agreement. A key agreement on US presence in Afghanistan followed the start of Afghan-Taliban government talks in September.

Last week there were talks between the new US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Afghanistan’s NSA Hamdullah Mohib with a White House reading saying, “Sullivan also made clear the United States’ intention to review the February 2020 US-Taliban agreement”.

The reading indicated that the US would assess “whether the Taliban fulfills its commitment to cut ties with terrorist groups, to reduce violence in Afghanistan, and to engage in meaningful negotiations with the Afghan government and other stakeholders”.

The situation in the country remains precarious without progress being made on talks between the government and the Taliban and the latter is increasing attacks in the country. In a bid to pave the way for a “comprehensive political agreement”, the Afghan government also released 6,000 Taliban prisoners but has not received a strong response from the group. Over the weekend, the Afghan government asked Pakistan to “force” the Taliban to reduce violence.

The Afghan foreign ministry in a statement said, “We expect the Government of Pakistan and all our international partners to compel the Taliban to fulfill their commitment to reducing violence” and “to secure a national ceasefire and to cut ties with terrorist groups so as to meaningful peace talks. and a political deal is opened. “

Pakistan has become a major influence in The Taliban with the security involved in gloves with the group. In fact, while many countries are engaged in talks with the group which has been approved by the United Nations but Pakistan is the only one that has publicly released photos of the Taliban leadership meeting its PM, the foreign minister.

During the Taliban leadership’s last visit to Pakistan, members of the group have met cadres in Karachi who have received a sharp reaction from Kabul.


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