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Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed plans to carry out simultaneous terrorist attacks on Jammu and Kashmir on May 11, according to intelligence warnings issued to security forces in the Union Territory.

“The information is that these attacks could be suicide missions and target bases of troops and paramilitaries in Jammu and Kashmir,” a top anti-terrorism official in Delhi toldHindustan Timeson Saturday.

The planned terror attacks came against the backdrop of a spectacular performance by the counter-terror team in Jammu and Kashmir eliminate 28 terrorists in April alone. Security measures have sparked a sharp reaction from Islamabad’s foreign ministry recently, protesting the killings of what is described as the killing of 29 innocent people.

Jaish-e-Mohammed’s founder, Maulana Masood Azhar, who has been reported seriously ill, has been out of action for several months. His Younger brother, Mufti Abdul Rauf Asghar has run the show at terror factory and reportedly was personally involved in planning various terror attacks, he said.

On Saturday, according to information available with Indian intelligence agents, Mufti Abdul Rauf Asghar also held a scheduled meeting with Inter Intelligence Service officials in Rawalpindi on the outskirts of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

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“I would have guessed that Mufti Abdul Rauf AsgharThe meeting with the handlers is about the May 11 terror attack, “said a senior security official in Kashmir.

He said the May 11 choice for an attack was designed to coincide with the 17th day of Ramadan when the Battle of Badr was fought and won by several hundred troops in Saudi Arabia. In Islamic history, this was seen as a great victory in the early days of Islam and a turning point.

Intelligence officials said the May 11 strike planned by Jaish was expected because of it a surge in infiltration efforts supported by the Pakistani army for the past month. Many of them were blocked by the army Indian army and paramilitary forces. Some did succeed.

It is estimated that nearly 25-30 Jewish terrorists managed to sneak into the Kashmir valley with help from the Pakistani army.

Intelligence reports show that more than 70 Jaish-e-Mohammed is a terrorist will likely try infiltration over the next few weeks, many of them from the Leepa Valley.

“Our analysis shows that there is often a correlation between the surge in cross-border shootings and infiltration efforts at this time of the year,” a military official said, adding that the number of ceasefire violations by the Pakistani army was expected to increase. .

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The officer said it was unlikely that this infiltration effort would not have received active support from the Pakistani army. For one, Pakistan is also in locked mode and there are restrictions on movement due to Covid-19. Second, he said, the region’s topography is such that even terrorists need to rest when they reach the line of control before embarking on a difficult journey to Kashmir. That’s where the launch is.

Mufti Asghar Kashmiri oversees infiltration

Intelligence officials said the de facto chief Jaish Mufti Abdul Rauf Asghar had been assigned Afghan war veteran Mufti Asghar Kashmiri to oversee the operational aspects of infiltration of the Leepa valley.

Kashmiri is also the main commander of the Kashmir Jaish operation and is called Amir of JeM’s Askari (or military wing) in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Kashmiri, joined by Jaish from Harkat-ul-Mujahidin, and was also responsible for Jaish terror camps in Afghanistan who also trained recruits to fight in Kashmir.


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