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PESHAWAR: Surprisingly, PTI has appointed former MPA Arif Yousaf as joint secretary of the Insaf Welfare Wing center, Peshawar Region. Prime Minister Imran Khan accused Arif Yousaf of trading horses in Senate elections during a press conference in April 2018. Arif Yousaf has also served as special legal assistant to chief minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. However, Arif Yousaf currently denied allegations of filing a defamation suit against Imran Khan at the Peshawar judge district hearing. According to letter No WW / GS / 013/2020 issued on 21 April 2020, a copy is available with this clerk by Jamshed Cheema, the secretary general of the center, Insaaf Welfare Wing, the Pakistani sub-organization Tehreek-e-Insaaf, stated that in accordance with guidelines set by the head of the organizer and in accordance with Article 17-1 of the Insaaf Welfare Wing’s Bylaws and with the approval of the Insaaf Welfare Wing central committee, advocate Arif Yousaf is appointed as the central joint secretary (Peshawar Region) as a member of the central working committee. Interestingly, local newspapers have published congratulatory advertisements on February 10, 2020.

Arif Yousaf denied the allegations of vote-selling and bribery, and filed a libel suit against Imran Khan in the Peshawar district and the judge’s trial. PTI reconciled not providing evidence in court.

Subsequently, the head of the PTI center and the defender of Imran Khan, Babar Awan, came to Arif Yousaf’s residence and asked him to drop the case. According to Arif Yousaf, Babar Awan apologized on behalf of Imran Khan. Lastly, Arif Yousaf has withdrawn the defamation suit against Imran Khan and the court dropped the case after reconciliation between the two parties.

PTI spokesman and provincial Manpower Minister Shaukat Yousafzai called Arif Yousaf’s claim baseless and said he himself had asked Babar Awan that he wanted to drop the case but if Babar Awan came to his house for tea and that is why Babar Awan went to his house. home. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan did not apologize to anyone. If anyone contacts a former member, it must be done in a personal capacity.


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