The PM has lost faith in its own member: PPP | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentary Information Secretary Shazia Atta’s wedding yesterday alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan had lost the trust of his own members. In a statement, he said PM Khan had “introduced vandalism and football betting” in Pakistani cricket and had now introduced “foul language” in Pakistani politics. Shazia’s marriage alleges that Imran Khan was the first politician to start bidding on Senate elections and also encouraged the use of Hawala and Hundi for money transfers. “It would be dangerous to amend the constitution against Imran Khan’s wishes because it is very likely that the next request is that he should remain Prime Minister for the next five year term as well,” he said. Shazia Marri said that voting procedures can only be changed by amending the constitution and only parliament can do so.

He said the Supreme Court should question Imran Khan and Punjab Governor Mohammed Sarwar over allegations of Senate vote-buying.

“It’s a shame that Imran Khan has learned nothing but foul language and blame games. Imran Khan has lost the confidence of his own members in parliament, ”claims Shazia Marri.


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