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ISLAMABAD: When the never-ending story of betting and match-fixing in Pakistani cricket resurfaces, the head of the first (Justice) inquiry commission (Chudhary Ejaz Yousaf revealed that if his interim report was permitted to achieve the desired goal, the threat would die and be buried there and then.

In an exclusive interview with this correspondent, a former member of Pakistan’s Executive Board of the Cricket Board (PCB) and chairman of the commission was first formed to investigate allegations of match fixing and betting, saying that further investigations would begin in his interim report. submitted with PCB in 1998, this problem will be solved by architects getting what they deserve.

“I am leading a three-member commission which also includes Nusrat Azeem and Mian Munir. We were given a mandate in 1997 by the PCB to examine allegations of match-fixing and betting that emerged immediately after the 1993 international commitment began on a tour of New Zealand during the same season. After a thorough investigation we submit an interim report with the PCB and recommend further investigation on what we have received from interviews and documents, in an effort to resolve this issue once and for all. “

In a twelve-page interim report submitted with the PCB, the Justice Commission Ijaz Yousaf, recommended the last paragraph, “However, the committee considers it very appropriate to save young people and newcomers to the game from being further affected and spoiled by the atmosphere dirty ones if there are any. Supporters namely Wasim Akram, Salim Malik and Ijaz Ahmad against whom the categorical allegations came for a while may be kept away from the Pakistani team and not considered for further selection. However, the final decision on them and all related parties can be postponed for the completion of the investigation and findings. “

Justice (Purnama) Ejaz Yousaf said that in all such cases there were always requirements to reach and explore the architects. “After months of investigations involving players and official interviews, we managed to dig into the architect. What is needed from there to investigate this matter further and clamp down on a lifetime ban on all those who are directly responsible for betting and match fixing or people who have direct connections with the mafia. Following our report, it is too easy to reach the truth. What you need is another investigation to resolve this issue forever. “

Former first-class cricketer who has served as a member of the PCB’s Executive Board for nearly two decades acknowledges that for years betting and match-fixing has damaged the country’s image and has eliminated the team from the results they were able to achieve.

“See what happened in 2010 during the English tour intended to destroy the Pakistan team’s combination for the 2011 World Cup held in India. Just imagine, if there were Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir and Salman Butt in the 2011 World Cup team what would be the result. Pakistan will have a bigger and bigger chance of winning the World Cup. But those who run these bets and matches improve matches around the world and have their agents everywhere never want Pakistan to lose strong clothes for the 2011 World Cup. This has not happened once but also in the past. “

Ejaz Yousaf, however, stated that people who are not accustomed and who have been serving a sentence or fine cannot be ridiculed or followed. “Look if a player is unfamiliar and has no evil thoughts and has just made a mistake once, it must be forgiven. After all, he already got what he deserved. Those who intentionally repeat such actions, knowing well what they are doing is intended to destroy the country’s image and the game must be handled accordingly. They don’t deserve sympathy. “


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