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PESHAWAR: All of Pakistan’s CNG Owners’ Associations have urged the government to announce a special assistance package for the CNG sector to ensure its survival and save the work of thousands of workers associated with it.

The request was made during a meeting held at the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry with SCCI president Maqsood Anwar Pervaiz in his chair on Sunday.

All chairmen of the Pakistan CNG Owners Association Ghayas Abdulllah Paracha, APCNG provincial leaders Fazal Muqeem, All Chairmen of the Pakistan CNG Owners’ Association Hamad Khan, Pervaiz Khan Khattak, Khalilur Rehman, Badshah Wazir, Elafullah, Gulab Khan, Mohammad Zareef, Sikandar Khan, Minhajuddin, Bakhtiyar , retired Colonel Amjad Khan, Engineer Alam Khan and M Fahad Ashraf Khan along with others attended the meeting.

They described the CNG sector as the main source of employment for many poor people and a large contributor to public treasury. They asked the government to immediately take steps to save the sector.

Association leaders fear thousands of workers will lose their jobs

The meeting participants suggested reducing the gas tariff to Rs780 per MMBUTU for the CNG sector in the country to maintain a balance between CNG and gasoline.

They asked the government to impose sales tax on gas costs at only 17 percent. They are looking for a four percent income tax exemption as well.

They demand the government to allow payment of the next monthly gas bill in the same four installments to save the CNG industry amid a coronavirus pandemic. They said that the special financial assistance package would not only prevent the CNG industry from further decline but would also maintain a balance between CNG and gasoline.

The meeting participants said Rs1,238 per MMBTU was currently being billed, so it had to be reduced to Rs780 per MMBTU because the current level was very high compared to other sectors.

They say that a large number of workers will lose their jobs if the government fails to pay attention to the CNG sector.

Speaking on the occasion, the head of the SCCI said CNG is an environmentally friendly sector and has a leading role in combating environmental pollution and will also play an integral role in saving foreign exchange.

He said that besides the CNG filling station and CNG plant, cylinder makers were attached to that important sector. He said tax revenues would increase with the increase in CNG sales.

Published in Dawn, May 4, 2020

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