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The East district traffic SP notified the Sindh High Court on Friday that the road was open to traffic as far as he could tell.

A bench of two, consisting of Hakim Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Hakim Amjad Ali Sahito, is listening to an insulting plea alleging that two major highways near Karachi National Stadium have been blocked during the match. Pakistan Super League VI February 17th court order.

Bench asked for a written answer from the relevant authorities along with an affirmation of the matter. In the trial, the Petitioners’ attorney, Lawyer Salahuddin, informed the court that a resident was shot and injured during the robbery, but he could not be transferred to the hospital due to road closures and died. Looting incidents increase during traffic jams, said Hakim Mazhar, speaking to SP Traffic Timur.

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Had the traffic officer asked for notification to let him know that security had to be increased, admonished the judge. Bangku asked about the perpetrator who shot the residents. The court summoned the Central Investigative SSP in a private capacity and asked for an explanation. Fokal from Sindh IGP assured the court that all SHOs had been alerted. However, the bench was not satisfied and was asked about the results achieved in this regard.

Meanwhile, SP Lalu Lintas Timur confirmed that the traffic police did not block the road but were diverted to an alternative route. He declared that the way was open to his best knowledge. The court expressed annoyance at the traffic officer ‘s answer. The Sindh government submitted to the court a classified report relating to the threat of attack in the city.

At this point, the bench observes that the threat is for the whole city and not just for the game. “Who will be responsible for the death of a citizen,” asked the court. “In the past, people were happy with the matches being held in their city, but now they are scared even 20 days before the match,” said Justice Mazhar.

Meanwhile, the SHC Bar Association said that they recommended the stadium be moved to the suburbs and that players be accommodated in hotels within the stadium. The trial closed with the judge summoning the secretary of the interior department of Sindh and Sindh AIG in a personal capacity. The court asked for a written answer along with a confirmation from the police of the defense of insult. In addition, the court requested an investigative report from SHO Sharifabad on the alleged death of a resident due to road closures.

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