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The main suspect involved in the murder of the couple in New Karachi has been arrested, police said on Sunday.

According to the New Karachi Investigative Police, the suspect, Muhammad Rafi, has confessed to killing Jameel Ahmed and his wife Riffat. Police said that the murder weapon – a hammer – was also found in Rafi’s possession.

The bodies of a couple who were brutally murdered were recovered from a house in New Karachi’s 11L Sector on February 18th. Police said the corpse had traces of torture and evidence of being hit by sharp and blunt objects. After gathering evidence, including heavy stones, the police closed the house and filed a case under Section 302 of the Pakistani Criminal Code.

Rafi revealed during interrogation that he was an electrician and Ahmed’s son, Iqbal, was his employee, police said. Ahmed and Rafi got acquainted with Iqbal and the deceased lent money to Rafi several times.

The total debt amounts to Rs1.4 million and Ahmed will collect Rs72,000 each month from Rafi for the benefit, the police said.

According to police, Rafi planned to kill Ahmed when it was difficult for him to pay the interest every month after he lost his business.

Police said Rafi went to Ahmed’s home on February 17 under the pretext of paying money, but once inside, he hit Ahmed on the head with a hammer which he hid in his jacket. Rafi killed Riffat with the same hammer as when he caught him and started screaming for help, the police added.

The suspect then left with Ahmed’s bookkeeping diary, the deceased’s cell phone and the check he had given the deceased, police said, adding that Rafi burned the diary and threw a hammer down a drain near his apartment.

According to the police, Ahmed is a doctor, who also works as a spiritual healer.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 1st, 2021.


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