Imran Khan disguised as a standard bearer of Islam would cause trouble for Pakistan: Opinion piece | Indiabloom | Instant News

Islamabad: A leading Pakistani newspaper argues that PM Imran Khan’s mixing of politics and religion to gain support from religious sites has taken a dangerous direction.

“By posing as a standard bearer of Islam against the wave of Islamophobia, the PM is taking a position that could create problems for the country,” Pakistan Today wrote in his writing.

“In a number of Western countries, disgruntled people have attacked religious figures held in high esteem by the Muslim community by making derogatory films or sketches which are deeply condemned. The FO has rightly condemned such acts very harshly,” wrote the opinion. the.

Talking about Pakistan’s policy on China on religious matters, Pakistan Today said in its opinion section: “Foreign policy is made by countries keeping in view their long-term interests and not based on the political needs of the ruling party or interests. This is the reason why Pakistan is not let the relationship be influenced by China’s policies regarding the Muslim community in Sinkiang, and rightly so. “

“Why doesn’t Pakistan adopt the same policy towards its Western friends and allies who have close trade and investment ties and need their help in dealing with international financial agencies and the FATF? Pakistan is already facing problems because of Omar Saeed Sheikh’s release,” read opinion section.


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