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Karachi’s law and order situation has never been favorable for the people over the past few decades. Not a day goes by without an unwanted incident. The people of Karachi live in a state of fear of being robbed of their valuables. Their fear knows no bounds when they have to use an ATM to withdraw money. This fear, however, made sense. There are a number of ATMs that do not have locks. This situation allows muggers to easily rob people – especially at night, when the bank security guard is not on duty. ATMs are used for fast money withdrawals. However, in Karachi, people are reluctant to use it for fear of being robbed.

The relevant authorities should take note of this negligence. It is important for the authorities to ensure that citizens can withdraw money in a safe and secure environment. ATMs that do not have a functional key must remain closed until the lock is installed.

Faisal Ansar



Recently my friend’s motorbike was stolen. He visited the police station to apply for an FIR and learned from police officers that about 30 motorbikes were stolen from his area in one month. This clearly shows that street crime is quite common in Karachi. For a short time, Karachi witnessed some peace and a decrease in crime. However, the city is again witnessing a wave of street crime. Many people even lost their lives resisting the robbery attempt. It is important to mention that Karachi is the economic center of the country. However, the city remains neglected. It has faced countless crises over the decades now, but the authorities have not taken any steps to resolve the issue.

The government is asked to give serious attention to this problem.

Irfan Rasheed Baloch



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