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In the shocking incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s constituency has come under fire for a multi-million-rupee corruption scandal that damaged the communications and jobs department.

In this case, Punjab Minister of Communications and Works (C&W) Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai has written to the provincial chief minister, prompting an investigation into the Mianwali district development package. In addition, the department in its letter has also filed criminal cases against Captain (ret) Asadullah Khan and others involved in the scandal. A copy has been forwarded to the Prime Minister’s office.

Based on the details of the letter, the mega-corruption came to light when an investigation was launched into the postponement of the issuance of the Prime Minister’s package, which promised the people of South Punjab worth four million rupees worth of road repairs.

A road research team was appointed to observe the delays in road infrastructure projects in the Sargodha division of Mianwali district. Based on its findings, Rs 250 million and Rs 3.75 billion worth of corruption were exposed in the department.

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The findings of the later investigations were, for the longest time, hidden by the research team official, with the help of Highway Circle Superintendent Sargodha Ansar Mahmood. The information came to the notice of C&W Secretary Asadullah Khan in October 2020 when he received statements from two Road Research Team employees, both of whom had acknowledged discrepancies in the report. However, no action was taken despite the proven involvement of XEN Ansar Mahmood and others. In exchange, the secretary formed another committee in November 2020 to extend the case. The committee confirmed the previous report of the Road Research Team on 18 December 2020. Khan then issued a cause notice only to the technical consultants concerned on 24 December 2020; excludes all others involved in corruption scandals.

But even more surprisingly, instead of taking action against C&W Secretary Ansar Mahmood, he was awarded the position of Chief Engineer of Highway Central in Own Pay and Scale (OPS). Furthermore, Jalan Raya XEN Mianwali Rai Nawaz, apart from being in the Gujranwala Highway constituency, is also awarded additional fees for the Mianwali Highway Division and Gujranwala Second Ring.

In fact, the current XEN Irshad Pensota was replaced on 21 December 2020 but this order was immediately withdrawn on 23 December 2020. It is widely believed that the order could not have been issued without the support of C&W Secretary Asadullah Khan who was fully aware of it. the facts above.

Related to this, the Minister of Communications and Works of the Province of Sardar Asif Nikai said that the aim of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was always to eradicate corruption. “There was a report from my department secretary Asadullah Khan trying to hide the corruption scandal which I also mentioned in the letter. However, there was no power struggle between me and Asadullah Khan, my aim has always been to highlight corruption and nothing else. The ball is now in the court of the Chief Minister and Prime Minister, “he said.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Secretary of the Express Tribune Asadullah Khan said he had no objection to the ongoing investigation. “The relationship between me and the provincial minister is ideal. All officers who are proven to be involved in the scandal must be fully punished, “he said.

Political support

According to sources, despite complaints between Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and senior Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) officials in various departments, both sides have used provincial ministers and C&W secretaries to serve their own agendas. Current provincial minister Sardar Arif Nakai was a member of PML-Q during Musharraf’s term while current C&W secretary Asadullah Khan has served in key posts during the previous administration. Later, he also served as Commissioner of Multan, a project in charge of Multan metro bus service, and special secretary of the C&W department during Shahbaz Sharif’s administration.

The source further revealed that the two officials named in the major corruption scandal enjoyed the support of powerful political leaders. “The head of M&R Khawar Zaman runs the provincial ministerial camp office which is located within the Office of the Road Research Laboratory.

The provincial minister is working on his removal. Meanwhile, OPS officer Ansar Mehmood is from Gujarat district and from the hometown of PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervez Elahi. He enjoys the support of C&W secretary Asadullah Khan, therefore, no action has been taken against him. But the provincial minister wants action to be taken against him, for the transfer of Khawar Zaman to Sargodha, “the source told The Express Tribune.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 9th, 2021.


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