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In Pakistan, sweeper work is ‘culture’ reserved for non-Muslim Like it Hindu and Christians. They don’t have the chance to get better skills and education, they remain in their profession.

A photo of Jamshed Eric has spread on social media where he can be seen cleaning clogged gutters with his bare hands. He prayed to Jesus to keep him safe before he entered the gutter.

In addition, he does not wear a mask or gloves to protect him from rotting mud and poison gas that lurks deep underground. “This is a difficult job,” Eric said. “In the gutter, I’m often surrounded by flocks of cockroaches.”

Mr. Eric, 40, was forced to clean three gutters for $ 6. After a long day, the smell of his work did not disappear. “When I raise my hand to my mouth to eat, it smells of poop,” he said. Previously, the Pakistani Army published advertisements for sanitation worker vacancies which had to be filled by “Non-Muslims” only.

Everyone is familiar with the condition of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, a minority in Pakistan who have faced religious persecution since 1947. Minorities are not given all the same rights in Pakistan. The condition of Hindus and Sikhs is getting worse day by day.

This minority group was forced to convert to Islam or escape from Pakistan. After the division, Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion because atrocities against minorities such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Christianity increased a lot.

In the case of minorities, especially non-Muslims, Pakistan’s track record is not very impressive.

Over the years, discrimination has spread on the basis of minorities and religions Pakistan. Religious discrimination is a never-ending problem in Pakistan that has been running since 1947 and until now there is no cure. Pakistan has more than 20 crores of the population, of which around 3.4 million people belong to the Hindu community and the majority are Dalits or people from Registered Castes.

Minorities have never been treated the same in this country, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to eradicate the problem, but so far has not completed plans for minorities. Even under his leadership, so many Hindus still experience painful tortures such as religious conversion (Hinduism to Islam) and forced marriages with elderly men.

The world knows that atrocities against Hindus and Sikhs have developed in Pakistan since they emerged. Minorities in neighboring countries are persecuted. Thousands of minority girls have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam and married Pakistan. No one can raise their voice against cruelty, if someone does, their voice is suppressed.

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