Pakistan: Elderly man in Karachi, forced to sell stationery on the road after not being paid in the middle of a coronavirus crisis, social media comes to his rescue | Instant News

Javed ‘Chacha’
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With eyes blind and sick from old age, Raja Javed, a man in the Pakistani city of Karachi, was forced to sell pencils on the streets after his employer stopped paying him for a coronavirus outbreak. But, social media users came to the “Chacha (uncle)” rescue of Javed after a Facebook post highlighting his suffering went viral last month.

In April, a group of locals decided to post a Javed video on the internet. Even though the post became viral, Javed’s situation only got worse. He finally lost his job.

In the video Javed talks about his employer who didn’t pay him in the middle of a pandemic, and how he decided to sell stationery outside the area where he worked.

The old man who is the only bread winner from his family works in a popular recreation area in Karachi. It was an unfortunate incident at work that made him half blind, he said. He mentioned that he also had a son, who was blind.

After the video gained popularity, his former employer allegedly fired him for speaking out.

In the second video, Javed detailed the incident when a Karachi resident approached him and recorded it once again.

In the video, Javed said: “They are [my employers] asked why did you tell the media? They fired me today. “

For this reason, the man who took the video replied: “Don’t be afraid of anything.”

According to Pakistani media reports, one of the people involved in helping Javed renewed social media users on April 23. He posted: “We took Chacha and her son to the famous private eye clinic. After a thorough assessment, it was the doctor’s opinion that both his and his son’s eyes were too damaged to be repaired. “

The video re-circulated and hundreds of netizens in the country offered to help. They called it fondly as “Chacha (uncle) Javed”.

Tweep @ xol_au wrote: “If someone will help this person, please contact me! I need to add funds. Thank you”

While many are asking for Javed’s number. A Twitter user, @HasanShazia, who posted a part of Javed’s clip on April 20, wrote: “He is a poor man. He doesn’t have a telephone. But he can be found outside of the Grand Port or at the side gate of the temple which sells ballpoints every day. “

A Twitter user @AbdullahDayo posted an update: “He was contacted by #SindhGovt and the problem has been resolved. He is paid by the employer. “

The people who helped the man and took the video have been identified as Shahbaz Khuwaja, Kamran Amin, and Zubair Farooq Dadi, by Pakistani media websites.

On April 21, Dadi posted an update on his Facebook page with a short clip of Javed thanking those who helped him.

“The power of social media. It happened after the interview he gave me and another man yesterday, “Dadi wrote in his statement.

According to the post, the Pakistan National Shipping Company (PNSC) came forward to provide food for the poor.

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