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One of the important problems Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been putting out the fire lately is a problem related to the security of foreign players.

Cricket security in Pakistan was destroyed in pieces due to two major incidents that led to a global boycott of the council that allowed its players to tour the country.

The first incident was revealed during the 2002 New Zealand tour in Pakistan, while another occurred during the 2009 tour in Sri Lanka.

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq was supposed to remember the Test series because of the huge knock on 329 that occurred during the first Test in Lahore. But now, Inzy remembers the series for the bad-luck Karachi bomb blast.

During a recent interaction, Inzamam recalled the Kiwi players who cried in the pool after the bomb blast.

“When we went to Karachi, there was a bomb blast. The explosion occurred after the Test 1 match in Lahore. Alhamdulillah no players were injured. It was a day full of horror. My room is on the side of the bomb blast. The mirror from one side of my room broke and flew to the other side of the wall. That happens with every room on that side of the hotel. “I ran downstairs, and when I got there, I saw a New Zealand player crying in the pool,” recalled Inzy.

“I noticed that the mirror and curtains had been released but still asked the police about what had just happened. He said it was a bomb blast and asked me to come down. “The New Zealand team returned home that day, and even our players couldn’t sleep for at least a week,” Inzamam added.

Despite the unfortunate event, Inzy looked back at the marathon’s beautiful memories. He stated that he could do it breaking that world record 336 by Wally Hammond, who will reach the 400 mark, provided there is more time he can use.

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