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ISLAMABAD: A senior member of the Prime Minister’s Office has approached the Federal Ombudsman for ‘extreme injustice’ from the substitution of the distribution of a second housing plot in the federal capital to several people elected to the bureaucracy in a way that is not transparent and unfair.

The Federal Ombudsman will hear this case, called ‘maladministration’ by the Member Inspection Commission of Members and former federal secretary Syed Abu Ahmad, on May 13.

Since 2007, officers who have been promoted to BS-22 in the federal government are entitled to receive special rights plots from the Federal Government Employee Housing Authority in addition to their normal service benefit plots, which means at least two housing plots in the federal capital. As reported by The News on Friday in the story “Maybe the PM does not know” some federal secretaries including some retirees have been given their second place in Islamabad’s D-12 sector at a time when the government really found it difficult to manage resources to feed the poor and who need those affected by the situation affected by the corona.

In a complaint filed before the Federal Ombudsman, PMIC members said that several plots had been offered in Sector D-12 in turn to officers who were promoted to BS-22 in 2018 and 2019.

He said that the fact was the last allotment offered in Sector D-12 based on BS-22 rights maybe in 2012 or thereabouts. Accordingly, officers who have been promoted in the past 6-8 years are offered at F-14 / F-15 or Park Road.

“It is common knowledge that there is a big difference in the value of plots in D-12 which is a developed sector that is not only ready for construction but has had people living in it for several years. On the other hand, the F-14/15 and Park Road schemes only exist in plans that do not have a timeline. Indeed, the case for the latest allotment is the sub judice at SCP, “said the complaint.

He added that whatever the official reason for the latest allotment in D-12 and whether approval or not was sought from the authorities, this decision had a negative impact on dozens of officers who had not been given such assistance (worth around Rs40 million).

He added that no wise or transparent process was observed in the latest allotment. PMIC members questioned whether these plots were available with FGEHF for many years and were not offered in the order of seniority, so some wise processes such as voting should be carried out with full transparency.

“It is also possible that rationing of such residual plots contradicts the CDA law which requires that all remaining plots in the developed scheme be offered through public auctions,” he said.

The official said rationing is currently maladministration and deserves to be considered a case of good governance regardless of whether it was made with or without intentions.

He also prayed that the designation process for the BS-22 rights plot in Sector D-12 could be postponed immediately. He clarified that he was not interested in undesirable personal financial benefits because God Almighty had blessed him sufficiently, but he certainly wanted to see his country and his government be honest, fair, transparent and fair.


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