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ISLAMABAD: PPP Chair Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday criticized the government for ‘politicizing’ the corona virus and offering to work together to increase political differences for the good of the people.

Speaking at the National Assembly, he criticized the absence of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the House of Representatives, saying the prime minister, who is also the minister of health, must be in the House of Representatives, because that was part of his job of being a House Leader.

“Our prime minister is confused, incompetent, and unable to fulfill his responsibilities. He is not ready to become prime minister of the nation and the whole nation, because he likes to act as PTI prime minister and speak to his listeners, “he rumbled.

He said the provinces were battling the corona virus with their available resources and capacities but the federal government did not play its role in a situation when entire countries fought against the pandemic.

The PPP chairman said even though it was a war, Prime Imran Khan appeared to be missing, and it was tragic that he did not fulfill his responsibilities as prime minister.

Bilawal pointed out that more than 700 frontline workers had been infected with the infectious virus so far, while 11 health workers had died fighting the disease.

“The world salutes doctors, nurses and paramedics but in Pakistan our heroes face imprisonment and torture for demanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to fight the corona virus,” he added.

He pointed out that the federal government had made promises from day one to provide assistance to day laborers and workers, but so far it had done nothing and its representative – Sindh Governor Imran Ismail – had refused to sign regulations issued by the government to provide relief in lockdown background. He called it an attempt to sabotage the efforts of the province.

He further said whenever the nation needed unity in the face of the economic crisis, the Kashmir problem, or now the coronavirus, Imran Khan refused to play the role of prime minister.

Bilawal said the federal government should contribute two rupees in which provinces spend one rupee to fight the corona virus but failed to take adequate steps.

“There are no kits available at Nishtar Hospital, Multan, which PPP must provide,” he added.

He said, unfortunately, PTI leaders issued irresponsible statements and requested that the federal government decide whether it was really locking, smart locking or easing restrictions, because ‘you must get ready for isolation and quarantine in the hospital’. However, the government continues to create confusion, regrets.

Bilawal further said the crisis that befell the leadership test added, “Our prime minister, who is also minister for health services, should be present at the session and it is his responsibility to inform the masses and the House of threats posed by the coronavirus and the steps taken to prevention and cure. “

Although Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi tried to generate debate about the provinces of Sindh and the 18th Amendment during the session, Bilawal chose to limit his speech to the virus and the steps needed to fight it.

However, he pointed out that their offer of cooperation was responded to in harsh language against his party leaders and Sindh’s chief minister and a campaign was carried out on their hard work and efforts.

“One of their leaders appointed as governor even accused him of being infected with the corona virus because of people who were ignorant and illiterate,” he said.

Bilawal reiterated that this is not the time for politics because the country is facing a very dangerous crisis.

He appreciated the provinces for increasing their testing capacity but regretted that the federal government had not fulfilled its promise to provide testing laboratories for the provinces so far.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari further pointed out that the NDMA chairman himself had set a target of 50,000 COVID-19 tests per day but the target was not met.

He said the prime minister could not ask the provinces to fight alone especially when “we are at war or we cannot send our soldiers into war without giving them protection and fighting equipment.”

He repeated his offer to work with the federal government and asked the prime minister to change the order of his team’s beatings and bring wise and graceful people forward by putting aside those who spit poison and use harsh language when the country deserves unity. In that case, he said that PPP was ready with the government at the back door.


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