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KARACHI: The legal fraternity on Monday announced to observe black days and fully boycott the court process to commemorate the May 12 tragedy of 2007 and demand a judicial inquiry into lawlessness and the killing of more than 50 people from the May 12 chaos and the role of law enforcement agencies for failure to bring about the failure the perpetrators to court.

The request came by Deputy Chairperson of the Sindh Council Syed Haider Imam Rizvi and other SBC members. SBC’s Deputy Chair said that more than 50 people were killed in the streets of Karachi to stop former Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry from attending a reception organized by the High Court Association and former military dictators and allies carrying out naked terrorism in Karachi. He said that despite the killing of innocent citizens, the President and Army Commander General Pervez Musharaf called it a manifestation of the people’s power.

The chief lawyer demanded that the tragic incident of May 12, 2007 must be examined by a full judge of the Sindh High Court consisting of no less than seven member judges because it was based on the orders of the Court Chair Sabihuddin Ahmed or full judge. Supreme Court. He said that despite a lapse of 14 years, the provincial government had failed to fairly, correctly and independently investigate the tragic incident and the responsibility involved in the incident was still free.

He said that all people in charge of affairs, who had command and control responsibilities on or before May 12, 2007 must be brought to justice to ensure responsibility for the incident, which caused total destruction of law and order in Karachi and claimed many lives. which is valuable and causes attacks on judicial and media independence.

The Sindh High Court Lawyers Association also decided to go on a full-day strike on May 12 and demand the arrest of the perpetrators involved in the incident. SHCBA Secretary Haseeb Jamali said that the government had failed to conduct a fair investigation of a serious incident that claimed more than 50 lives.

It is important to mention that the SHC on September 12, 2018 has ordered the Sindh government to form an inquiry court headed by a high court or retired court judge to investigate the May 12, 2007 incident of violence that occurred more than a decade ago.

The SHC, which also frames 13 reference points for investigations, observed that the court must complete the investigation within three months.


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