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LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar on Tuesday reprimanded bureaucrats for placing roadblocks on the Aab-e-Pak Authority road that was created to provide safe drinking water for people at their doorsteps.

The Punjab governor was talking to media people after inaugurating a screening plant installed by the Sarwar Foundation in the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Office, Lahore, on Tuesday. Deputy Chairperson of the Sarwar Begum Perveen Sarwar Foundation and District Administration Officers were also present at the event

“The bureaucrats must improve their ways or I will be forced to expose them in front of their nation,” he warned.

He regretted that some bureaucrats had become so absurd that they had no remorse even if the children of the lesser God would die while drinking unsafe water. He said that he could no longer make lame excuses to provide safe drinking water to people and warned that “enough was enough”.

He said it was a dream and a lifelong goal to provide clean and safe drinking water for people in Punjab as well as in other provinces.

He said that he had been working on the Aab-e-Pak project for the past year and a half since Prime Minister Imran Khan directed him to lead the project and ensure the provision of safe drinking water for people throughout Punjab.

Sarwar said that he was committed to providing basic human needs for everyone in the province, but several black sheep in the bureaucracy were trying to create obstacles in providing clean drinking water for the people.

“Some bureaucrats think that they will not let the project operate even if the poor continue to die due to lack of safe drinking water,” he said.

He regretted that procedural barriers had almost wasted two long years to maintain lame authority if not, some 20 million people could now turn to conserve and clean drinking water.

“I will hold a meeting with the bureaucrats concerned in the coming days and if they are stubborn
continue, exposing them at a press conference next Wednesday, “the governor stressed.

The Punjab governor said that he felt sick when he was reported that the children of poor people were dying in the hospital due to waterborne diseases but the bureaucrats did not move at all. He explained that the Aab-e-Pak Authority file was moving from one office to another and faced obstacles in almost every office.

He said bureaucrats must show mercy to the poor and vulnerable masses and let people get safe drinking water and live healthy lives.

“The council of authorities and I will immediately inform Prime Minister Imran Khan about the basic reality,” he said
warns while stressing that it’s time for people to be given safe drinking water.

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