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Communal ‘Out Of Hand’ Hates Imran Khan, Pakistan Out in Open, Broadcast on TV

To show another example of open communal hatred, the news channel on Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan has made statements that demean and insult the country, targeting certain communities. In a video clip distributed by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat, a anchor of the ‘NewsOne’ channel while criticizing India bowed low only when he said, “Hindu baniya ab aukat is even more like a lag style hi.” Inayat said, “This is how NewsOne and anchors discuss India. Anti-Hindu bigotry is on display.”

Discrimination against religious minorities in Pakistan’s Nran in Imran Khan has increased, despite the threat of a Coronavirus pandemic. From calling the virus a “Shiite virus” to denying rations to members of the Hindu community, to the ongoing incidents of forced conversion, bigotry is constant.

‘Embarrassing and terrible act’

Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari on Sunday called the kidnapping incident of a Christian little girl from Lahore on sexual slavery charges as “a shameful and terrible act.” He informed that FIR had been registered in this case and his ministry was following up on this case. “Criminals will be arrested,” he added. However, FIR was registered more than a month ago.

Religious minority groups in Pakistan, including the Hindu and Christian communities, continue to suffer in 2019, facing forced conversion and persecution under religious blasphemy laws, according to the country’s human rights commission.

The Pakistan Human Rights Commission (HRCP) says that religious minorities still cannot enjoy the freedom of religion or belief guaranteed to them under the country’s Constitution. Highlighting the misery of women in Pakistan, the report said in December, Pakistan was ranked 151 out of 153 by the World Economic Forum on the Global Gender Gap Index.

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