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KARACHI – The Federal Government, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, has deliberately ignored Sindh because of health funding to fight coronaviruses even though the city generates around 70% of state revenue and provides livelihoods for millions of people from all provinces, Pakistan said. People’s Party Leader Sharmila Farooqui.

He said in a statement that Sindh also did not get a ventilator and Personal Protective Equipment from NDMA that had been announced. “There is no clue where this equipment went? The Sindh government itself is battling the virus in Sindh province although resources are limited because PM Khan has ignored Karachi and other Sindh cities which face a double burden of diseases including coronavirus, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, typhus, hepatitis virus, cholera and others -other.

He said that the PM had promised a Rs162 billion package for Karachi but there had been no progress in this regard. “The package that was announced recently by the PM considering the coronavirus problem is too low. Sindh is the only province that has taken the coron virus problem seriously by enforcing lockdowns in Karachi and other parts of Sindh to save millions of people from all provinces. This is the time needed, so PM Khan must adopt a positive approach and help the Sindh Government to fight the virus in Sindh, specifically Karachi, where the number of cases is increasing, “he said.

The PPP leader said, “We need to protect all of our medical personnel by providing self-protection equipment against the corona virus. Due to climate change, more viruses such as corona can hit the world in the future, so we must be prepared to overcome the possibility of future disasters. “

He urged the Federal Government to devise a long-term strategy consisting of multi-billion rupees to control all viral diseases in Pakistan which have suffered a lot from this infectious disease. The emergence of infectious diseases caused by viruses poses a serious threat to public health and the economy in Pakistan due to limited health budgets, he said. The time has come to avoid all political differences so that it can save people from deadly viral diseases including new coronaviruses, he added. Sharmila said that the PM must put aside his political differences and overcome the problems faced by city residents during the locked days.

He said that the Sindh government had completed several development projects for the metropolis despite the lack of cooperation from the Federal Government. The Sindh government has started all development schemes in Karachi with its own resources and completed them without the support of the Federal Government, he concluded.


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