Student Wing of Pakistan PM Party Imran Khan PTI, ISI posted a Fake Tweet to Ignite the Delhi Riots| Instant News

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Party, Imran Khan, PTI, has encouraged a number of fake tweets and video messages to further ignite riots during the recent communal riots in northeast Delhi

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s student wing, Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) has colluded with ISI and encouraged fake tweets and video messages to further fuel riots during the recent communal riots in northeast Delhi.

According to the Indian intelligence agency, Insaaf Students Federation (ISF), the PTI student wing of the Imran Khan party, Pakistan, allegedly played an important role in spreading false news and projecting the Delhi riots as an “anti-Muslim genocide”.

Based on investigations conducted by the Delhi Police SIT, it was revealed that the ISF created hundreds of fake accounts with Hindu names to spread panic and rumors during the Delhi riots and afterwards.

The ISF tried to create the impression that there were new problems in the southeast and West Delhi in March. The idea behind the regulated exercise was to show that the Delhi Police unfairly targeted Muslims during communal violence that killed 53 people and left around 500 injured and spread violence to other parts of the country.

Delhi police reportedly said in its report about communal riots related to the Pakistani spy agency ISI, the ISF used social media to slander India on a global level and project the Delhi riots as ‘anti-Muslim’.

ISF was the first to use the hashtags #RSSkillingMuslims and #GenocideOfMuslims to create widespread confusion and chaos in India, especially Delhi. The ISF even asked its members to tweet and retweet anti-Indi messages about the Delhi riots using the hashtag to create panic and distress.

The Delhi Police Report, accessed by Zee News, stated that ISI and ISF created more than 3,000 fake Twitter accounts for spreading false news about violence in West Delhi, which was later deleted. The ISF also created several anti-Indian hashtags as part of an expanded cyber propaganda against India, according to an investigation conducted by the Delhi Police.

It was also found that some images from Syria and Bangladesh about victims of police atrocities were projected as images from the zero point in the Delhi riots by ISF along with ISI. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed by the Delhi Police found evidence showing that Pakistan spent millions of dollars to systematically reinforce falsehood about India on the internet.

Pakistan wants to create communal riots in India, consider it an anti-Muslim pogrom and then create international problems from it.

According to cyber expert Tarun Wig, terrorists led by Hafiz Saeed led by Jamaat-ud-Dawa have also waged a cyber war against India and have created special cyber forces to send anti-Indian messages, pictures and videos to prepare communal sentiments and dissemination. fear and chaos in India.

It can be noted that official documents compiled by Indian security agencies also state that Islamabad used around 200 Twitter handles to provoke Indian Muslims and trigger dissatisfaction with police during and after communal riots in Delhi.

The document cites detailed investigations carried out by Indian institutions to add that this grip was made at the behest of the Pakistani ISI with the aim of creating major communal interference in India.

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