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LAHORE – Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minority and Interfaith Harmony, Ijaz Alam Augustine attended a ceremony organized by Punjab Baitul Maal on Saturday to distribute rations and check aid among decent families in Bahawalpur.

According to a leaflet released on Saturday, Punjab Bait-ul-Mal distributed ration bags among 1,000 people in need and checked out Rs 6 lakh for 50 families.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Augustine said that in this difficult time, the Punjab government made it possible to distribute rations and financial assistance to the proper without discrimination. He said the Punjab government believed in humanitarian services and a nation without political interests while we tried our best to not only protect people from coronavirus but also provide maximum assistance to them.

He mentioned that Punjab Baitul Maal also played an active role in expanding monetary support to poor families, adding that 220 million Pakistanis would fight the corona virus pandemic together. Malik Mohammad Azam Amin from Punjab Baitul Maal, President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

South Punjab Noor Khan Bhabha, Spokesperson for the Punjab Government Sumaira Malik, PTI District President Syed Mohammad Tehseen Gardezi, Baitul Maal Council Member Chaudhry Ahmad Salman Arshad, Fauzia Ahmed, Chairperson of Allah Wale Trust Shahid Lone, Chairperson of the Youth Council Hamza Karamt and others present at the House of Baitul Maal Chaudhry Ahmad Salman Arshad, Fauzia Ahmed, Chair of Allah Wale Trust Shahid Lone, Chair of the Youth Council Hamza Karamt and others present at the that opportunity.

Later, the Minister of Religion also met with various minority delegations led by the district president Tehseen Nawaz.

Minority issues discussed in detail mainly affect coronavirus after being locked out.

He said the Punjab government was actively supporting families, who had lost their jobs and sources of income due to the corona virus crisis and hopefully under the extraordinary leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan soon out of the difficulties faced by the country.


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