PM condemns Indian partners for RSS-inspired doctrine at IOJK | Instant News

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has criticized his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for illegal annexation in occupied Kashmir.

As per the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan handles the official Twitter on Sunday; and write:

The RSS Modi-inspired doctrine of IOJK is very clear: First, depriving Kashmiris of their right of self-determination by illegal annexation of occupied territories.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shows a three-pronged approach.

The Prime Minister continues the second tweet:

“Inhuman weapons such as pellet weapons against women & children; two, imposing inhuman lockdowns that rob Kashmiris of their basic needs from food to medicine; & three, by mass arrests of Kashmiri people especially young people & isolating the IOJK from the world by severing all communication links. “

The Prime Minister added:

Third, by trying to show Kashmir’s right to fight for self-determination guaranteed in the UNSC Resolution as terrorism supported by Pakistan – to create opposition to false flag operations against Pak while distracting world attention from Indian state terrorism at IOJK.

Earlier this month Prime Minister Imran Khan said he had warned the world about India’s ongoing efforts to find a pretext for a false flag operation targeting Pakistan.

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