The Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course is open after 55 days of being locked | Instant News

LAHORE: Never in the history of the beautiful Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course has this happened before, stopping for 55 days in a row because the wishes and wishes of golfers are prohibited from exercising in the open air and in the process they are left restless and depressed.

Somehow scaring Covid-19 asserted itself and the authorities refused to listen to the reason that this golf course had the ability to revive the drooping spirits, recruit its fading strength and awaken intelligence. But then the noble mind that governs the event comes out with a soul that evokes the belief that the thoughts put forth by serious and passionate golfers are the myths and perseverance that command total closure. And closed on and on until the human brotherhood wins.

Social justice takes over and is equipped with better reason, a small miracle triggers beneficial actions and based on the initiative by Dr. Jawad Sajid, a cardiac surgeon with the profession and currently Chair of the club, the closed door of the Golf Club is finally opened for enthusiastic golfers of course with standard operating procedures (SOP) that are prepared quite well.

This procedure limits entry to club members only and imposes a minimum ten minute interval between two tee-offs. In addition, players are advised to bring their own hand sanitizers and ensure that before teeing off their golf bags, trolls and trains are sanitized. Another important thing is the use of masks.

The first day at the Gymkhana Golf Course was a brilliant booming day. Since morning, the traffic of golfers has continued and evidently is the presence of young people, middle-aged people, and of course golfers who belong to the sixty group. years and upwards and even more than seventy.


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