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P.Pakistan has what the whole world does not have. But don’t think too much: it’s not something that Pakistan actually has. The Imran Khan government only uses them to sell themselves as caretakers in these uncertain times. They are tigers – extinct in real life, but living in Pakistan’s imagination.

The government has instituted the Corona Relief Tiger Force, which currently has more than 8,00,000 wonregistered members’. Whether they are real tigers or paper, we must wait and see. But these volunteers consist of students, social workers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists and even retired army personnel, according to official details.

Perhaps more serious Pakistani bodies dealing with the coronavirus crisis in the country – such as the National Security Committee, National Coordinating Committee, National Command and Operations Center – are not ready for the task. It seems the Corona Relief Tiger Squad was exactly as the doctor prescribed.

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PM love for tigers

That activated immediately The force was first announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan last month in two F strategies to fight the corona virus: Funds for Corona and Force of Tigers. Pakistani funding from abroad has become the cornerstone of Imran Khan’s strategy to solve problems in his philanthropic or political life. Tigers are mandated to identify people in need – they will find out who is unemployed, then go from house to house and distribute rations, and spread awareness about safety measures.

Imran Khan’s photo file

The tiger has been a metaphor for PM Imran Khan for a long time – not counting the tiger that was photographed in his room or his pet dog named Tiger. In 1993, during the charity campaign for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center, the “Imran’s Tiger” badge was given as a token of appreciation to school children who collected large donations. This yellow badge is worn proudly by children who now officially consider themselves ‘Imran tigers’. Then in 2008, the Imran Tiger was changed became the Shaukat Khanum Tigers’ Club to recognize the charitable work carried out by children and adolescents to meet the goals of cancer hospitals.

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Fight coronavirus with paper tiger

Fast forward to 2020 and Imran Khan is now recruiting Tigers to do it jihad against coronavirus. However, the Tigers are no longer docile and pandemic they are fighting.

Divisive in nature, aid forces tend to give a clear signal: if you are a supporter of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), you are welcome to become a Tiger and not accuse the shirt in the colors of the party flags in green, red and white. But who would dare to reveal to Imran Khan that he is now the PM of Pakistan and not Shuakat Khanum or Tehreek-e-Insaf?

And if you think the Imran Khan government is able to use funds from aid forces for something good, think again: there is a concern that money will be spent on making shirts for volunteers, afraid that the government argue. People on social media have rightly called the recruitment, training and distribution of a Tiger waste of money, which should be used to buy protective teeth for doctors.

Doctors and paramedical staff throughout Pakistan sue personal protective equipment (PPE) and other facilities to help treat patients. But what is the Imran Khan government doing? In Quetta, Balochistan, doctors are demanding protective teeth charged sticks and more than 50 of them are later was arrested. Elsewhere, doctors protested by using trash or plastic shopping bags to highlight the lack of gloves and masks.

When countries around the world focus on strengthening the health care system and helping their doctors – the first line of defense against the corona virus – Pakistan empowers paper Tigers. With floating political ideas like this the PTI government made people accuse them of not being serious – that is, when they didn’t show it. preparedness to face a pandemic.

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Putting young people in danger

The work the government is planning to do through the Corona Relief Tiger Force is something that is complemented by local grassroots agencies. There are several government, non-governmental, and religious organizations with millions of volunteers distributing rations, which according to the PTI must be done by the Tigers.

To justify this by saying that Pakistan has a large population of young people who want to help fight the corona virus or by doing so they are doing huge relief work during floods and earthquakes and so they can do it in this case too stupidly. For one, the nature of a pandemic is different from natural disasters. Young people without proper training and protection are at risk of infection, and the number of positive Covid-19 cases will continue to increase. But does this government even think?

Is this a good idea for the PTI government to be removed like this in the midst of a pandemic? The answer is clear. PM Imran Khan sees the coronavirus as an opportunity for members of his party, which he has said that by engaging in charity and welfare activities – they only have to hold shows – they can have an edge over their political opponents. Members, in return, should expect a personalized Tiger badge if they do well during coronavirus.

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