Emirates raised the record breaking 62 tons in the belly of B777-300ER from Karachi to Dubai | Instant News

For April alone, the airline operates 30 charter flights to 20 global destinations.

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9 April 2020: Emirates SkyCargo has broken the global record for maximum cargo loaded on the lower deck of a Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft. The SkyCargo team in Karachi, Pakistan transports almost 62 tons of cargo, mainly food items including vegetables, fish and meat, with one flight to Dubai.

Air cargo carriers currently operate flights to 51 destinations globally, of which 19 cities are served by Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 cargo planes offering capacities of up to 100 tons per flight and 38 destinations served by special cargo flights on Boeing 777 Emirates passenger aircraft offering stomach capacity up to 50 tons.

For April alone, the airline operates 30 charter flights to 20 global destinations.

Nabil Sultan, senior division vice president, Emirates, said: “We have specifically increased operations to transport cargo at the center of our passenger aircraft in the past two weeks. Emirates SkyCargo has expanded its network every day and some of the latest destinations for our cargo flights on passenger aircraft including Bangkok, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Singapore and Taipei. Air cargo remains the fastest way to connect important supplies with those who need them and our expanded network enables increased connectivity in various global origins and destinations. “

During the week ending April 4, 2020, Emirates SkyCargo has operated more than 160 flights on its transport aircraft and nearly 90 flights on its passenger aircraft. The following week, the air cargo ship operated almost 160 flights on passenger planes.

Charter Operations
Above and above the operating schedule, Emirates SkyCargo has also operated a growing number of special charter flights for cargo on both the transport aircraft and its passengers. Since the beginning of April, the airline has executed more than 30 charter flights connecting more than 20 global destinations. The main commodities transported in charter flights are medical supplies including face masks, protective covers, sanitizers, equipment for hospitals in addition to medicines, raw materials and spare parts.

Within three days between 7 and 9 April, some famous charters operated by Emirates SkyCargo included:

100 tons of masks and other protective equipment were transported from Guangzhou to Dubai on April 7. This is part of several other charters to bring medical supplies to the UAE.

Nearly 100 tons of medical supplies including masks and other protective equipment were transported on April 8 from Shanghai to Mumbai on the Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 transport aircraft.

100 tons of protective equipment were transported from Shanghai to Dubai by Boeing 777 cargo on April 8. The supply will then be flown to Bucharest on April 10 and 11 with four separate flights on the Boeing 777 passenger aircraft.

More than seven tons of medical supplies were transported to Los Angeles on April 8 in the lounge of the Boeing 777 Emirates passenger airplane. This is also the first special cargo flight on passenger aircraft operated by Emirates SkyCargo to North America.

Nearly 1 million Covid-19 test kits will be transported to Sao Paulo on April 9. Previous shipments containing 500,000 kits were transported on March 30.


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