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ISLAMABAD: Leaders of the Women’s Democracy Front (WDF) strongly condemned the killing of two young women in the name of “honor” in Waziristan for demanding justice for them.

In a joint press release issued on Sunday, WDF leaders Alya Bakhshal, Ismat Shahjahan, Mumtaz Tajik and Nargis Khattak said that it was outrageous how incidents of patriarchal violence against women were largely ignored by those in power.

Ismat Shahjahan said, “This incident is an embodiment of patriarchal violence and an over-growing patriarchy that is responsible for taking the lives of many women. A woman’s body is not a repository of family honor. The state must respond and act to end the ongoing patriarchal violence against women. “

Non-consensual and inappropriate videos of young women have been circulating online for several days, which is believed to be the reason for their cruel killings. Another girl, who was also seen in the video, is currently missing. FIR has been registered with Shaktoi.

Mumtaz Tajik, leader of the WDF KP, said that strong men in areas that incite violence against young women also enjoyed state protection. “We demand that those who are involved in inciting violence, as well as those who leak personal videos despite knowing their sensitivity, have to be considered. “He said, adding that” domestic violence still remains largely an acceptable norm in our society, where women’s bodies and lives are seen as belonging to family men “.

Patriarchal violence against women has increased globally during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Pakistan has witnessed a surge in these cases. In the first month of locking, only 8 women died in Swat, while trivial problems had caused incidents of patriarchal violence against women in Sheikhupura, Karachi, Hyderabad, Peshawar and other areas.

“The existing law takes a protectionist approach rather than a criminalization approach to patriarchal violence. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa still does not have laws that criminalize violence in the private sphere. Even though the law alone cannot guarantee an end to patriarchal violence, the absence and opposition of laws that criminalize domestic violence reeks of our anti-female bias, “said WDF KP leader Nargis Khattak.

“The state plays an important role in the construction of” good women “and places the family as a construction site and disciplines” girls “into deliberate, obedient, and kind girls, this has led to the notion of women’s bodies as a place to store people’s honor. .

Slogans raised during the women’s march on their rights to their bodies actually contradict this pervasive culture that exerts control over women’s bodies in the name of honor, “WDF Information Secretary Tooba Syed said.

WDF calls on progressive youth, especially leftist and nationalist political groups to unite to end patriarchal norms in culture and dehumanization of women through patriarchy. “We believe that there is no complete political struggle without focusing on the problem of patriarchal violence in its agenda.”

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