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PESHAWAR – The lack of vehicle parking facilities in most shopping markets in the cantons and cities has irritated Eid buyers when shopping centers opened on Monday after the government imposed lockdowns.

With less than a week left during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, Eid al-Fitr shoppers began arriving in the city shopping camps, camps and university roads in large numbers by parking their vehicles mostly on the roadside due to lack of parking spaces, which caused traffic jams.

Relaxation of lock restrictions and allow transportation of passengers by the Government of KP to help Eid buyers from other districts to visit the main shopping centers in Qisakhwani, barracks, Tehkal, Jehangirabad and University Road in Peshawar to search for clothes, readymade clothing, and footwear in addition to goods others needed at affordable prices.

People rushed to these areas and the existence of public transportation on the road added to the problem of traffic congestion.

As a result, most buyers were seen parking their vehicles on the main streets in front of shopping centers and arcades, resulting in massive traffic jams in the afternoon in Peshawar.

People spend hours on the road due to traffic before reaching their destination

The problem of car parking is one of the big challenges for the police and district administration because the number of vehicles has begun to increase in Peshawar during the last days of Ramadan and the situation is expected to worsen at Chand Raat.

These days, people spend hours on the road because of huge traffic jams before reaching their respective destinations.

“Traffic congestion is a major problem in Peshawar today due to a lack of car parking facilities,” Khan said, a retired Information Officer whose vehicle remained trapped in traffic chaos at the Qissa Khwani bazaar for two and a half hours.

“With my family, I came from the Pabbi Nowshera district to Peshawar to shop Eid and spend about two hours on the main Qissa Khwani road due to severe traffic chaos.”

He said most people did not maintain social distance while shopping and made their loved ones vulnerable to becoming victims of the fatal corona virus.

He said that the threat of coronavirus still looms over people and that shop owners must take all precautions for the safety of others. He said that markets without car parking facilities and those not following the SOP must be sealed.

“Where people are expected to park their vehicles except on the side of the road because there are no car parking facilities in most of the main arcades and shopping centers in Peshawar,” former Nazim Bahadar Khan said after his car was stuck in a traffic jam on Saddar Road.

“It took two hours to park my car in a private parking lot, which is too far from a shopping center and most of it has no empty space in the parking area,” Bahadar Khan said.

He said most private car parking owners were charging too much, which also needed to be checked by the district government.

He said most private car parking contractors currently charge Rs50 to Rs100 per vehicle which cannot be provided by the middle class and low income groups.

Car parking on the roadside reduces space for vehicle movement, creating traffic chaos and suffering for Eid buyers.

“Wealthy people spend millions of rupees on the construction of plazas and shopping centers but do not pay attention to car parking facilities and consequently not only affect their business but buyers also suffer especially during the Eid days,” he said.

He suggested that maps of all shopping centers and plazas, which did not carry proper parking facilities, should not be bypassed and existing ones had to be closed unless such facilities were provided for the convenience of the community.

He said this scenario gave the traffic police the opportunity to lift as many cars and motorbikes as possible and as a result such practices often make Eid buyers unhappy.

He urged the district government, the Peshawar Development Authority and the police to ensure car parking facilities in all the main plazas and arcades to facilitate people and that strict action must be taken against violators.

People also asked the KP Government to increase business time from 5 p.m to 11 p.m so they could complete their shopping comfortably.


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