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Express found that the claim was wrong because the video was filtered.PHOTO:TWITTER/@RehamKhan

KARACHI: Clip from Interview journalist Reham Khan has spread on social media where the former prime minister’s wife seems to seek repentance for slandering Imran Khan.

We checked the tape and found that it would be processed and considered the claim false.

At one hour and thirty-four minutes in the interview, a sudden jump from Reham’s answer was seen when Waqar Zaka faced him to seek forgiveness for his ‘sins’.



“Will you go and pray now for all the strange claims you have made against our prime minister?” Zaka roared at the journalist.

However, the question was preceded by a sudden jump in visuals and audio, when soloist Reham Khan replaced the split screen for less than a second before going to the split screen again. With guests who appear to be muted or experiencing audio problems, the host asks pointed questions.

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Once Reham could finally be heard speaking, he said: “It’s time for maghrib … I have to go now, thank you “.

The social media star sat down with Reham, via video chat, to discuss his complete book and explain his obscene claims about his short-lived marriage to the current prime minister in 2015.

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Amid strong reactions after an interview on Twitter Pakistan when #Rehamkhan became the country’s top trend with users who shared footage from him, the author came out saying that it had been processed by Zaka.

He went on to say that different parts of the interview were gathered together by social media stars “for ranking”.

Bilal Azmat, a spokesman for Reham, told me The Express Tribune that the whole interview was changed. “The last piece given to me was not like what was given to the public,” he said.


“The visuals of Reham’s place say that this is the time maghrib completely taken out of context … He just shows that it’s time for breaking the fast and it does not respond to questions as described in the video. “


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