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ISLAMABAD – As far as quarantine is concerned, no one considers it like the brothers of Hadid. Bella and Gigi have breathed fresh air in Pennsylvania, where inseparable supermodels isolate their lovely family farm, complete with playing horses and goats. So, what is the runway model for rural escape? Bella has put forward her best fashions and remains true to the style inspired by the usual 90s. Bode’s sportswear, sweaters and yellow jacket from Bode all made it into Bella’s suitcase, with no will in sight. A pair of padded boots is the agricultural footwear of his choice – it seems impractical but is undoubtedly comfortable. Gigi’s wardrobe is much more practical: His cowboy boots (complete with spurs) and acid wash jeans are far more likely to survive on the farm without getting hurt.

Simon Cowell revealed he was forced to test the corona virus

ISLAMABAD – Simon Cowell revealed he was forced to test the corona virus after fellow America’s Got Talent: Judge champion Heidi Klum experienced symptoms on the set. In a new interview, music mogul, 60, updated fans on the welfare of the current 46-year model, after he confirmed he had been tested negative for the virus, which has claimed 82,135 lives globally. The media personality – who is holding back on the results – does he also reassure fans that the competition will still return at the end of July, if the pandemic subsides.


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