Iranian diplomats emphasize Muslim unity to end Israeli atrocities against Palestine | Instant News

PESHAWAR: A senior Iranian cultural diplomat stressed Wednesday the need for Muslim unity to end atrocities against Palestine.

“Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are left alone to face oppression by Jewish and American imperialists who must be a source of extreme concern for all Muslims. The Islamic Republic of Iran believes the time has come to take serious steps to help end Israeli atrocities in Palestine, “said Director General of the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Peshawar, Mehran Eskandarian.

He spoke to reporters in front of Yaum-e-Al-Quds marked on Jummatul Wida (last Friday of Ramazan) to express solidarity with poor Palestinians and called for the liberation of the holy city of Al-Quds which has the first prayer direction of Muslims .

The diplomat said the Palestinians had endured the atrocities of the Israeli occupation army for a long time.

He regretted that they had been completely abandoned by Muslim countries facing divisions and that was a source of serious concern.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes now is the time for all Muslim countries to act simultaneously to end the oppression and Israeli occupation of Palestine forever,” stressed Mehran Eskandarian.

He said half-hearted and incoherent steps would not end the suffering of our brothers in Palestine or the occupation of Al-Quds from the clutches of Israel.

“This is a time for the Muslim world and its forums, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to move beyond mere resolution and not to take solid steps to resolve the Palestinian problem,” he stressed.

The diplomat said the Islamic Republic of Iran has always called the Palestinian issue the core problem of the Muslim world because Al-Quds has the first direction of prayer for Muslims and our Holy Prophet (Peace be with me) has continued Miraj from Al Masjid -Aqsa is located in this holy city.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran would continue to provide support to the Palestinian people until the achievement of their freedom of rights and the liberation of Al-Quds.

Director General Khana-e-Farhang is worried that unresolved Palestinian problems will cause more crises in Muslims.

He said Muslim countries must forge unity in line by forgetting all differences and unite to obstruct Israel’s path of cruelty to Palestine and have an expansionist design to go further.

The diplomat said our Palestinian brothers and sisters had endured the oppression of Israeli occupation forces for a long time.

“It’s time for all Muslims around the world to unite and help our Palestinian brothers and sisters,” he stressed.

Mehran Eskandarian said Israel had lost all ethical reasons to keep Palestinians under occupation. “It must come out of Palestine, whatever happens,” the diplomat said with certainty.


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