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Things we could never have predicted last year: that by 2020 an economic basket in which diarrhea is a way of life would provide an example of better governance than many Western countries.

Check out the latest news from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to revoke what remains of the country’s lockdown. The court has ordered the shopping center to reopen and questioned why a virus that “does not appear to be a pandemic in Pakistan” should “swallow so much money.”

Based on Reuters:

“We found no reason why so much money was spent on this Coronavirus (COVID-19), for that, Pakistan is not a country that is very affected by it,” the court order said.

Even before the Supreme Court’s decision, Pakistan had decided to do it relax the key.

“We have decided that we will end this lockdown now,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a national TV address. “We know that we do it when we do it [coronavirus] the curve goes up … but it doesn’t go up as we hoped. “

Pay attention to key details: “it didn’t go up as we expected.” Like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was educated at Oxford University (Keble; PPE). Unlike Boris Johnson, Khan was clearly agile enough to be able to adjust government policy when the evidence changed.

Because Pakistan’s coronavirus experience is not as bad as predicted by disaster – 42,125 COVID-19 cases and 903 deaths in a country with a population of 212 million – Khan has taken calculated risks. Locked, he decided, more dangerous than coronavirus.

Like her the word earlier this month:

“Since we started this lockdown, we have feared that people who bet daily, who feed their children with daily income, what will happen to them?” Khan asked, implying that the poor Pakistani people needed to be locked in order to survive.

From Britain, on the other hand, there is no evidence of agile thinking from the shy and incompetent Boris Johnson government.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has warned that Britain is facing a “severe recession that we have never witnessed.”

Again: no Sunak bullshit!

Given that this coming recession is largely not the result of coronavirus but more than that extended locking (and too much paid too much leave)You would think that it might have happened to Sunak and his colleagues in the quadrumvirate who now rule England (Boris, Gove, Raab, Sunak) that there is an easy solution just by looking at their faces.

End the lock now!

But it turns out that it has been lost to all four of Oxbridge’s brains – with locking restrictions going to continue into the summer and the strange decision to remove what is left of the British tourism, travel and hospitality industry by asserting that people arriving in Britain from abroad must undergo quarantine two weeks.

They say Islamabad is very exciting this year. Offer more freedom than you get in London, after all.

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