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CJ Werleman reports developments in Kashmir and concerns that India’s desire for ethnic cleansing in the area could have dire consequences for the entire region.

India raised its stakes in Indian-managed Kashmir (IAK), putting the lives of eight million people in immediate danger and placing it and Pakistan on the verge of a nuclear war, as the two countries and the whole world fought a COVID-19 pandemic. The international community must read this as a five alarm fire.

After a series of cross-border military engagements between India and Pakistan in late 2019, researchers estimate that a nuclear armed conflict between the two Asian countries will result in the deaths of up to 125 million people – equivalent to double the number of those killed during the Second World war.

“India and Pakistan are of particular concern because of the long history of military clashes including the recent serious, lack of progress in resolving territorial issues, densely populated urban areas, and the rapid rapid expansion of each of their respective nuclear weapons,” according to newspapers published academic journals Progress of Science.

The researchers calculated a number of scenarios in which a nuclear war could break out, with one being New Delhi retaliating for a terrorist attack to orchestrate or supporting Pakistan by sending a column of armored tanks to Pakistan-run Kashmir, leading Islamabad to believe that it was being controlled by a number of the superior Indian military, pushing for meetings with nuclear weapons.

This is a plausible scenario, but fails to reflect the current reality on the ground, which has seen India invite confrontation by aggressively pursuing Hindu nationalist agendas through a series of unlawful and reckless military and political steps.

In addition, India, not Pakistan, used the COVID-19 outbreak as an opportunity to increase its aspirations in Kashmir. It was India who placed and positioned artillery in Kashmir villages, tens of kilometers away from bunker positions along the Control Line (LoC). It was India who used diversion and diversion to change the law with the aim of changing the majority of disputed Muslim territories into a minority on their own land. And it was India who once again used ‘fake gatherings’ and exaggerated the threat of militancy to further impose its security forces on the people of Kashmir.

On Tuesday, Indian troops set fire to 15 homes in the capital Srinagar after killing two militants in a gun battle. A 12 year old boy was killed after the building where he collapsed in a fire.

To be clear, this fire did not happen accidentally or as a result of a gun battle. They are deliberately ignited by the Indian military as a form of collective punishment – or what is a major component of its work management strategy, which seeks to change the demographics of the region by reflecting Israeli settler colonial companies in the Palestinian territories, which have experienced records of demolition of houses in recent years.

“15 houses were burned by Indian occupation forces in Srinagar yesterday when 900,000 security forces caused Kashmir to be brutal suppression,” tweeted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday. “The Hindutva Supremacist Occupation Govt government committed war crimes at IOJK including changing demographics that violate the 4th Geneva Convention.”

In Kashmir, demolition of houses became routine after actual encounters with the guerrillas – and meetings conducted by fake or fake Indian military – with more than 105 houses destroyed by the Indian military during suspected weapons fights in the coming years from 2015 to 2017, according to for data assessed by India Spend.

On Monday, Azad Jammu and Kashmiri President Sardar Masood Khan described the recent rise in Indian military and measures as indicative of impending “false flag” operations that could threaten the region and beyond with unthinkable consequences.

“India alleges that Pakistan sent militants and COVID-19 across the Control Line and also that Pakistan was behind the rise of militancy in Kashmir,” Khan told Arabic News. “These are all typical steps they took before the false flag operation, so we have a good feeling that they are up to something. Every act of aggression will have dire consequences not only for Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan, but for the whole world, “he said.

Last month, a video appeared on social media showing Indian troops moving heavy artillery into the village of Panzgam in the Kupwara district, using local residents as human shields, before firing on Pakistan’s military positions. Strikes and retaliatory strikes killed three civilians, including a woman and children.

Adding to the woes of Kashmiris is New Delhi’s strategy to encourage “demographic flooding” by giving Indian army property rights, government officials and their families to cover all democratic avenues for Kashmiri Muslims to pursue self-determination and an independent future of the Kashmir State , thus arguably provoking them into violent resistance.

Fire five alarms now ring loudly. The international community must act to save the people of Kashmir from further suffering and territory from war.

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