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On Thursday, several people on social media claimed that Pakistan showed the entire Jammu and Kashmir region as part of India. Sharing screenshots from the Pakistan government’s Coronavirus portal, it has been claimed that Pakistan finally accepted that Kashmir is part of India.

At present Pakistan illegally occupies the PoK and Gilgit-Balistan regions, and these areas are generally included in maps of Pakistan published by the Pakistani government. Likewise, the same region is also included in the map of India published by India, because the territory officially belongs to India.

The same thing too reported by a portal called The Real Kashmir News. It is said that the official website of the Government of Pakistan on Covid-19, has shown Jammu and Kashmir as part of the Indian Territory.

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But when someone goes to the international section of Covid19 website Pakistan, one can indeed see that the map shown here is how India projects the map, with all of Kashmir displayed as part of India. Even though it looks like a big development, because the official website of the Pakistani government carries this map, it actually doesn’t mean Pakistan has submitted their claim to Kashmir. What’s more, the map shows that only in India, outside of India it shows differently.

This is because, the maps displayed on the website are not made by the Pakistani government, and they only embed maps created by Microsoft. The tech giant Microsoft has created the Coronavirus database projected on their Bing map. The same map has been embedded in Pakistan’s Covid portal, which is why it shows Kashmir in India when viewed from India.

Online maps that we use often, such as Google Maps and Bing Maps, are not displayed the same in every part of the world. Because there are many disputed areas in the world, the same thing is reflected in the map, and the map depends on where it is accessed. Disputed areas are generally marked with dotted lines, as opposed to normal lines used for undisputed boundaries. Apart from that, in some cases maps are displayed as mandated to be displayed in certain countries. As Indian law mandates that maps must show the entire Kashmir region of India, Google and Bing maps comply with that ruling. But when the same map is seen from outside India, actually PoK and Gilgit Balistan as shown as part of Pakistan, and control lines are displayed as dotted lines.

When viewing websites from India

Because the Pakistani Covid portal is accessed by Indians from India, the embedded Bing map shows the map in accordance with India. But when viewed from outside India, different maps can be seen. This can be verified by accessing maps from outside India. Or the same thing can also be done using a VPN (virtual private network) client, which allows someone to disguise their own IP address and allows it to set locations to several other countries. Thus, people can check how websites are viewed in various countries by using a VPN and choosing a country.

When viewing a website by setting a location as Pakistan on VPN

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We check the same thing using this technique. First, when visiting the courtyard, Kashmir was indeed seen in India. But when we activated our VPN client and set the location as Pakistan, we saw that PoK and Gilgit Balistan are now in Pakistan, Aksai Chin in China, and dotted lines for LoC and LoAC. The same thing arises when locations are changed to various countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

The same experiment can be repeated directly to Bing COVID19 website directly and through VPN, and the same results can be seen.

In addition, the portal homepage displays a map of Pakistan showing the map that is commonly used by the country. They have used image files as maps showing PoK and Gilgit Balistan in Pakistan.

Therefore, while it is true that the Pakistan COVID19 portal shows all of Indian Kashmir, it only happens when looking at the portal from India. This happens because the Pakistani government has implanted a third-party mapping program, they have not made the same. The Pakistani government has not changed their position in Kashmir as evidenced by the map used on the veranda.

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