Taliban: US must address Pakistan’s problem in Taliban outreach: former Pentagon official | Instant News

New Delhi: State Department while continuing to engage with The Taliban as part of its Afghan strategy it has refused to tackle Pakistan problem even though Islamabad mentors the alleged group Michael Rubin former Pentagon official.

“Sometimes being victimized by some terrorist groups does not condemn Pakistan for how closely its intelligence and security services are intertwined with the Taliban and other travelers, like al Qaeda. This, of course, is best symbolized by the fact that Pakistan was caught red-handed by Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, “Rubin wrote in an article titled” Pakistan Forces to close Taliban sanctuaries with deadlines “at The Washington Examiner.

“Throughout the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, the Taliban have relied on safe havens in Pakistan. While some Taliban negotiators live in Qatar, the leadership of the group, be it Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura, Miran Shah Shura, North Shura, and the Haqqani network, are all in Pakistan. From Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence perspective, a strong Afghanistan poses a threat to Pakistan, either because of Inter-Service Intelligence paranoia related to India or because Pashtun the nationalists have long challenged Pakistan’s territorial integrity, “Rubin claims.

Former Pakistani Senator Afrasiab Khattak has tweeted, “It is time for Pakistan to set a deadline for Taliban shrines in the country after the latest developments in & around Afghanistan. The Taliban, who sit in Pakistan, are responsible for suicide bombings in Afghan cities that have killed civilians. How can Pakistan free itself? ”

Supporting this view, Rubin wrote, “Khattak is right. The ongoing violence of the Taliban against Afghans against the background of a peace agreement is bad for Afghanistan and bad for Pakistan. That the Taliban claim appreciation for terrorist attacks from bases in Pakistan makes Pakistan guilty … Pakistan’s security services know where Taliban leaders are and can be efficient when they want to. Only when Pakistani security agents take action, the United States, NATO and the elected Afghan government can see whether Pakistan is serious. Only then did the Taliban have a reason to be sincere in promoting peace. Thanks to the Taliban’s relationship with Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence, the road to peace in Afghanistan actually passes over Islamabad more than Kabul and more through Quetta and Miran Shah than Kandahar and Kunduz. ”


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