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The Sindh government has refused to utilize the services of the Tiger Force formed by the federal government to combat coronavirus emergencies in the country, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said on Tuesday.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has handed me the responsibility of the troops for voluntary work in the province which will be launched shortly after Eid,” Ismail said during a speech at a press conference at the Governor’s Building

The Sindh governor said that after the Sindh government’s refusal, other political parties would be brought in to take advantage of the services of the newly born Tiger Force because it brought aid to the public during a coronavirus emergency.

He said people who had registered their services for the Tiger Force were not part of the political party because they had advanced only to do voluntary social work and nothing else without monetary benefits.

He said it was unfortunate that the Sindh government had decided not to utilize the services of Tiger Force.

The governor said that so far 1.57,000 people had registered for the Tiger Army in Sindh and “it will take effect immediately after Eid” under his leadership.

In the first phase, Tiger Force volunteers will be deported at the Ehsaas emergency cash dispensation center and supply store in the province, the governor said.

He said Tiger Force volunteers would ensure that customers were not charged excessive fees at any utility shop in the province. “Whereas the same volunteers will provide assistance to people in need who come to the Ehsaas center to get emergency cash assistance provided by the federal government during locking steps.”

For a question regarding Sindh Firdous Assembly opposition leader Shamim Naqvi’s proposal that governor rules must be enforced in the province “due to the inefficiency of the Sindh government”, the governor said that no proposal was being considered at this time when he learned about such matters only through television. For a question about the differences between Sindh and the federal government, he said they were asked to work with the federation to improve the province.

“If there is a problem, I’m used to talking directly with the main minister. Likewise, the provincial government must notify the prime minister if there are problems, “he said.

He recalled that from day one, it was the prime minister’s view that the country was not able to make a complete closure of the spread of the corona virus. He said the country’s economic situation did not allow complete closure.

“With God’s grace, our situation is much better than other countries, but we must continue to pay attention to preventive measures. People must follow the SOPs announced by the federal and provincial governments, “he said.

He said there was a possibility of total closure once again in this country if people did not follow the SOP.

For a question, he said the tender would be issued soon after Eid al-Fitr to operate the Green Line portion of the Bus Rapid Transit Service in Karachi being built by the federal government “because a facilitation agreement was signed in this matter the previous day”

The governor said his services were fully available if doctors and paramedics in the province needed personal protective equipment as frontline staff against the corona virus epidemic.

Meanwhile, informed on the occasion that those who volunteered for the Tiger Force in Sindh included 48,416 students, 2,275 medical workers, 9,261 engineers, 5,931 teachers, 10,293 civil servants, 1,877 armed forces personnel, 3,959 NGO workers, 5995 journalists, 591 journalists , 15,822 entrepreneurs, 1,099 lawyers, 21,124 social workers, and 3,788 from the corporate sector. While based on qualifications, 31,751 of them have done matriculation / Level O, 34,207 FA / FSc / A levels, 22,558 undergraduate degrees, 11,671 master’s degrees, 533 MBBS, 943 MPhil / MS, 264 doctorates, 98 post-doctorates, and 16,928 have passed secondary school.


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