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Issue notification to the Sindh government at the request of challenging the Covid-19 Emergency Relief Ordinance, 2020



KARACHI: The Sindh High Court refused on Thursday a request by the school owner to restrict the Sindh government from taking action against educational institutions that failed to comply with instructions issued in connection with lockdowns.

During the trial, the two-member bench, which consisted of Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Judge Yousuf Ali Sayeed, also issued a notice to the provincial government regarding other petitions submitted by school owners, challenging the Covid-19 Emergency Relief Ordinance, 2020.

“The Sindh government has required all schools to write off at least 20 percent of the costs without considering that the school has faced [financial] loss, “the applicant’s advice before the court.

He moved the court to overturn a government order and forbid the Sindh government from taking action against any school that did not comply with the directives.

Responding to the advisory argument, advocate general Sindh Salman Talibuddin assured that the provincial government would not take action against any school during the ongoing break.

At this time, Judge Mazhar said that action would be taken only after the challan was issued, if students were expelled or if a school was opened during the break.

In addition, the director of private school education stated that schools that refused to pay teacher salaries would also be subject to action by the relevant authorities.

Because it opposes this, private school advisors argue that salary payments to teachers are an internal matter of the school.

Refusing the request of the school’s owner to forbid the government to take action against them, the court issued a notice to the Sindh government and other parties, asking for their reply to the petition on June 3.

Liquor store license

The same bench also instructed respondents to ensure attendance at the next hearing about applications that challenged the issuance of permits to liquor stores.

According to the request, the excise department had issued an illegal license to the wine shop owner. It was further stated that people lost all sense of judgment after consuming alcohol and moved to court to order the closure of liquor stores.

At this time, the court states that all licenses issued illegally will be canceled.

Meanwhile, a customs department official assured the court that all liquor store licenses would be renewed only after 30 June.

The court also expressed annoyance at not receiving a reply from the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) for the request. “No DHA official has bothered attending the trial even though the court issued prior notice,” Judge Mazhar said.

Citing the absence of legal counsel for liquor store owners, the court adjourned the trial until 29 June, without further proceeding, and ordered the parties to ensure attendance at the next trial.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 22nd, 2020.


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