Apart from a quick check, street crime in Karachi increased during virus locking Pakistan| Instant News

Police vehicles patrol the streets after the Sindh government announced the locking up of two provinces in Karachi, Pakistan, April 2, 2020. APP / Syed Abbas Mehdi / Files

KARACHI: The number of street crimes in the southern port city of Pakistan has increased even though police and Rangers set up checkpoints for quick checks amid the coronavirus lockdown in Sindh.

Dozens of Karachi residents were robbed, losing their cellphones, cars and motorbikes since March 20. According to police reports consisting of data from March 20 to April 7, at least 379 cellphones and 31 bicycles were taken, while 1,049 robberies took place.

The 19 day period includes a 16 day lockdown as well.

During the locking period, three cars were stolen and 28 robberies occurred, according to official information. However, CCTV recordings of dacoities in retail stores and stores in various markets continue to emerge.

On a positive note, bank robberies and other serious crimes number zero.

Speak to Geo News, Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said the authorities responded quickly to all warnings and information related to street crimes on their aid channel 15.

He added that the CIA and Madadgar 15 Police teams worked around the clock. Residents must cooperate with the police to curb street crime and immediately warn authorities of the incident, he said.


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