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KARACHI: Muslims around the world celebrate the Eid festival for three days, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. The time of Eid al-Fitr, or “breaking the fast festival”, begins with the first sighting of a new month, and often varies from country to country.

The celebration starts with a special morning prayer at the mosque and open space and then moves on to parties and festivals. However, this year’s celebration may not seem as cheerful as usual. With the coronavirus pandemic luring everyone and the recent tragic incident of a cross-PIA Karachi flight, the spirit of Eid has disappeared.
But on a lighter note, we sat down with a few local celebrities and asked about their usual Eid-ul-Fitr routines and what to have during the festive season.


“My Eid al-Fitr is about family, friends, lots of food and paying greetings and respect for parents,” actor Faysal Qureshi told The Express Tribune.

“Eidi is definitely a must for young people, so there are mere dates and of course Eid prayers.” Talk about family traditions, para Muqaddar The star revealed, “There is also an annual family dinner, but unfortunately this year will be online through zoom, with one of our own dishes in front of us.”

Rockstar Umair Jaswal told The Express Tribune that Eid Al-Fitr is not Eid without her mother Sawaiyyan post-Eid al-Fitr. But the family tradition is not just the annual Eid dinner.


It’s a dinner with a twist! “The family tradition that has lasted for decades is that Father makes Haleem beef every Eid. It takes two days to make it but it’s worth it. “


Eid al-Fitr Naveen is not Eid without his family together. “Actor Humsafar added,” It is a tradition for my entire family to have Eid lunch together on the first day, especially sharing meetha after.”


Angeline Malik shares how this Eid al-Fitr would have happened without many things being part of Eid al-Fitr every year. “Our Idul Fitri is not Idul Fitri without Sawaiyyan, but I don’t think I will taste any Sawaiyyan this time because I don’t have the heart to cook it.”


Khalid Malik replied that his Eid was not Eid without “kisses and hugs from my children and the voices that chanted Eid!” Speaking about his family tradition, Malik revealed, “It has become an important thing for us where we have something sweet before leaving for our Eid prayers at the mosque. That still continues today.”


Eid al-Fitr Sara Loren is about meetha and bangles. “It’s a tradition and must be implemented,” the actor shared. “My mother gave Eidi to everyone especially now because she is also a grandmother. He also cooks for us every Eid. We enjoy mom’s homemade food that is different from the one made by the chef. So every Eid Al-Fitr cooking is a staple food. “


Like many others, Eid al-Fitr Abdullah is not Eid without his family. The family Eid tradition consists of “the whole family gathering at my uncle’s place for lunch, there are around 70 people and that means lots of Eidi.”


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