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LAHORE: PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal has demanded that the government immediately formulate a comprehensive policy against locust attacks in the fields.

“The government is announcing a financial package to compensate farmers for losses in addition to regulating the machinery needed for spraying on affected crops urgently,” he said during a speech at a press conference here at the PML-N Model City Secretariat on Tuesday. He is flanked by Awais Leghari and Azma Bukhari.

Ahsan said that in the midst of a coronavirus emergency, the specter of locust attacks destroyed farmers’ crops. “Grasshopper attacks occur every year, which must be eliminated through a proactive approach and timely action, but the government’s inability has caused huge losses to farmers and agriculture in the country,” he said, adding that cotton crops in Sindh, Balochistan and South Punjab had been destroyed.

He said Punjab district chief minister Usman Buzdar himself was being attacked by grasshoppers, but he had not done anything to prevent it, which revealed provincial government steps for the entire province. Likewise, he said, mango orchards and other plants were also attacked in South Punjab, but failed to move the incompetent government in Punjab and the Center.

He likened the saying “Nero fiddled with Rome while on fire” with Imran Khan who spent Eid al-Fitr in Nathia Gali. “FAO, which is a signatory to Pakistan, has timely informed the Pakistani government of the imminent locust attack, but the government has not moved in the slightest,” he said, adding that incompetent governments created more problems for the country every day because they still do not believe that they are in power rather than being in D-Chowk. He said the government wanted to solve every problem through opposition harassment by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). “The government has created political instability, which has exacerbated the crisis in the country,” he said, adding there was urgency for national consensus and holding free and fair elections to keep the country from crisis.

He told us that the economy had staggered before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, while production of the three main crops continued to decline in the country. “The large-scale manufacturing industry has collapsed. “Growth rates are the lowest in South Asia, while currencies are also the lowest in the region,” he added.


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