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KARACHI: Former Senate chairman Mian Raza Rabbani, labor leader Karamat Ali and different trade union members have rejected the composition of the inquiry commission formed by the federal government to investigate the May 22 PIA plane crash in Karachi and demanded the incorporation of Palpa representatives on the panel.

In a joint statement issued on Tuesday, Senator Rabbani, Karamat Ali, secretary of the National Labor Council and executive director of the Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research (Piler); Nasir Mansoor, general secretary of the National Labor Union Federation (NTUF); Habibuddin Junaidi, president of the People’s Labor Bureau, Sindh; Liaquat Sahi from the Democratic Labor Union, Bank of Pakistan; Zehra Khan from the Home Women Workers Federation; Farhat Parveen from the Community NOW and others demanded that PIA trade union representatives be heard during the investigation.

They point out that the history of the country’s aircraft accident investigation commission has remained very dirty with reports of being treated and tampered with and many times this report has not been released at all.

The reason, they said, was to protect management’s personal interests.

The inclusion of Palpa representatives in the commission was sought

They said that the inquiry commission formed by the federal government was immersed in a conflict of interest because it was an investigation carried out by its own colleagues, namely Pakistani Air Force officers. Then the officer in question is a junior at the rank of officer whose organization is being investigated.

This commission consists only of Air Force officers, and no one is familiar with commercial airlines and their procedures have been included. The Commission also does not have a pilot ranked or who have flown Airbus. Finally, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and air traffic control must be under supervision but the CAA is also represented in the commission.

“Air accidents can be seen separately but a holistic view of management, procedures, job security and the relationship between management and trade unions / associations needs to be taken to ascertain whether PIAC employees function under pressure and pressure.

“Since the injection of officers serving as CEO of PIAC, there has been a total crackdown on the airline. The final nail in the coffin is the imposition of the Essential Services Act. As a consequence, all unions and associations are prohibited and all agreements between management and all employee categories are canceled, making employees uncertain about job security and career planning, “the statement said.

“The decision to enact important service laws on PIAC and prohibit trade unions is an ultra-constitutional act and is tantamount to violating basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution and carried out based on the UN declaration.

“While top management enjoys benefits and privileges, cabin crew and other staff are denied their benefits,” the statement further said.

This requires the federal government to reorganize the commission based on the above objections and to add representatives of the Palpa pilot association to the commission.

They also demanded the restoration of union activities on the airline by lifting the Essential Services Act from the organization.

Published in Dawn, May 27, 2020

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