An amputated woman’s leg was found in a trash can | Instant News

LAHORE – As a result of what appeared to be a gruesome and merciless murder, an amputated woman’s leg was found from a rubbish bin in Nishtar Colony on Thursday, police sources informed.

According to police sources, the leg of a woman who was amputated was found when a garbage truck came to collect rubbish from a rubbish bin. Police sources told us that the legs were amputated just below the knee.

Police officers reach the place when they receive information and send their feet to the morgue for autopsy. Police sources said that the woman appeared to have been killed by several unknown perpetrators before her leg was amputated. Police are looking for her torso and further investigations will be carried out after the poor woman is identified.


The Lahore police continues to ensure security measures including the strict application of SOPs in accordance with government directives to arrest unnecessary public movements in the city during a partial lockout by the Punjab government after the impending coronavirus.

As such, 8,219 vehicles have been confiscated at various police stations involved in violations.

More than 02 lac 40 thousand residents have been examined on this picket so far and asked the reason for their movements in the city while more than 02 lac 28 thousand 661 people have been issued a warning, asking them to restrain their unnecessary movements and return to their homes and remain secure. More than 4,456 citizens were involved in movements that did not need to be released after taking guarantees from them not to move again in the city other than in an acute emergency situation.

More than 02 lac 17 thousand vehicles including 12,19,66 motorbikes, 30,496 rickshaws, 6,629 taxis, 46,206 cars and 11,769 larger vehicles were stopped due to picket and vehicle owners issued warnings for their unnecessary movements

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