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KARACHI: The Sindh police managed to get one gas station in Sukkur after twelve years, from five gas stations in the entire province.

According to official Department figures, out of a total of six Sindh Police gas stations, one in Mirpurkhas has a department and is not functioning, one in the Malir district who pays rent to the Department, another from the contractor after twelve years. and the problems of the remaining three properties (gas stations) are being suspended before a different court than the leased controller, without any appropriate claim in the case by the department.

The gas station is leased to different influential people at different times without the right bidding process in violation of the rules and in most cases one department only accepts the amount of down payment or opportunity given to the contractor to file a civil suit against the department to keep ownership intact without increasing their rent to market value.

Official records further indicate that the gas station in Sukkur adjacent to the police headquarters has had a journalist for the past twelve years (May 2008) at a rental price of Rs75,000 per month. The reporter only paid Rs 450,000 as a down payment and then did not pay even one rupee for twelve years because of his influence.

After twelve years, the Sindh Police got their property emptied from the ownership of the journalist.

Of the four remaining gas stations, only one in the Malir district of Karachi directly pays Rs3 rent per month to the department.

All other pumps are still owned by influential people including politicians, close relatives of senior police officers and journalists.

Police sources told The News that the department’s gas station was handed over to different influential people without getting the required bidding process at a very soft level and then the contractor was given the opportunity by high-level department officials to fill a civil suit against the Department.

As a result, the rent is very nominal paid by gas station tenants located in the East and West districts of Karachi and Hyderabad districts in various rental control courts.

On the other hand, the source added that these property cases were also not properly investigated in court by the department just to benefit the contractor.

The gas station is adjacent to the Sindh Police New City Police Station (Rs185,000 a month) which has been kept in the eastern rent control court since January 2017. Another gas station near the Saeedabad Police Training College on the river road Main hub is in the hands of a leader politics only pay Rs 4,500 a month with a 10 percent increase after every 5 years.

In Hyderabad near the police line, the gas station department is owned by a businessman who is said to be a close relative of a senior police officer because he only pays Rp120,000 a month.


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