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Criticizing the Sindh Center and the government for not resolving Karachi’s old problems, including water scarcity, Mr Sarzameen’s Party on Friday said they would not remain silent given the discriminatory attitudes towards residents of the metropolis.

PSP leader and former deputy mayor Dr. Arshad Abdullah Vohra gave a speech at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club. Other PSP leaders – most of them former leaders and MPs of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, including Syed Hafeez uddin, Bilqees Mukhtar, Abdullah Sheikh, Irteza Farooqi, Naila Munir, Muhammad Dilawar and Shiraz Waheed – accompanied Vohra.

PSP leaders talk about urban civil problems. They said the federal government “only deceived Karachi people through empty promises” and was just lip service rather than taking practical steps.

“Karachi people miss a drop of water,” Vohra said, criticizing the Sindh government for its “rhetoric”. Emphasizing the government to immediately solve the problem of water scarcity, the PSP leader said the K-IV project needs to be completed as soon as possible and Karachi must be given an appropriate portion of water. “If done in good faith and good intentions, the project can be completed within this term of office.”

K-IV costs have increased tenfold and Karachi does not even receive 1200 MGD of water, he said. “In some areas of the city, there is no water for weeks.”

He asked the government to show the media how many RO factories are currently operating in Karachi. He said that seeing the ruling party’s political style and discriminatory attitude, it seemed that Karachi was deliberately and deliberately destroyed.

Vohra urged the head of the country’s court to immediately pay attention to the completion of government projects that were incomplete, timed and wrong in Karachi. “Too many trials are being carried out at the expense of the people of Karachi and the city is on the verge of collapse,” he said.

He said Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf had 14 members of the National Assembly and 26 MPAs from the city. “There is still no one of them talking about the Karachi water problem in their respective assemblies.”

He added: “Instead of talking about any problem, self-proclaimed city representatives only give importance to their ministry.” He warned that “domicile corruption must be stopped throughout the country, including Karachi, and full accountability is needed in this regard”.

“PSP will not allow people who have the right to be robbed of their legal rights. Sindhis has the status of Ansaar for us, we also speak out against injustice with them, as we do for others. “

Expressing deep sadness and sadness over the PIA plane crash and the consequent loss of valuable lives in Karachi, the PSP leader said that ironically the federal government and Sindh had begun politics about this tragic accident as well. “The bereaved family still does not know who is responsible and who should be contacted. All government rescue agents have been destroyed; it is the duty of the government to do rescue work. “

The fate of the Green Line also depends on balance like the BRT Peshawar, said Vohra. “While there are 10 buses on the streets of Karachi that are run by contractors, gasoline and their maintenance is also done with money from the Karachi Metropolitan Company.”

He said Karachi had been brought to the brink of disaster, because billions of rupees had been lost due to the closure of business centers. He demanded that immediate aid packages be given to traders. “Industrial closure has made it difficult for poor people to make a living.”

He added: “Under the leadership of the very capable Syed Mustafa Kamal, every PSP worker with Karachi support is now ready to take every legal and constitutional route to get their rights.”

Former MPA Syed Hafeez-ud-Din accused the PPP and PTI government of having prejudices against Karachi, saying they had destroyed the city. “In the next few days, we will present an autopsy report on all government projects to the public.”


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