Rich tribute paid to Rana Shafique. Rich tribute paid to Rana Shafique| Instant News

LAHORE: Hundreds of civil society activists and farmers pay a lot of tribute to Rana Shafiqur Rehman at References in Lahore.
Rana Shafique Is a prominent social activist and reformer who has dedicated her life to raising the peasants and working people. In a condolence message, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has expressed condolences for the souls who have left and paid tribute for his services.

Being a Cheif of the GCO Green Circle Organization, he introduced biogas energy that was cheap and environmentally friendly to the poor and then promoted Moringa trees throughout the country and was a very rich Olifera supplement.

The main focus is on the promotion of organic agriculture and horticulture in its fight against pollution and for the preservation of an echo system that is threatened by consumerist society and greed for profit at the expense of Nature.

Mr. Rana works for the cause of oppressed people, women, minorities and endangered species. He launched the peasant movement in recent years and became Pakistan’s General Secretary Kissan Itehad. He fought against successive dictatorships and to restore democracy. Rana Shafique is a peace activist and brings divided Punjab farmers.

His daughters Soni and Rabi share their feelings. Those who paid tribute to Rana Shafique included, Imtiaz Alam, Ahsan Iqbal, Qammar Zaman Kaira PPP, Mohammed Tehseen SAP, Imran Bajwa, Masood Lohar, Siddique Azhar, Ahmar Arsalan, Deep Saeeda and his close friends and other friends.

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