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Prime Minister Imran Khan once again stressed that India is preparing for a false flag operation to distract the entire world from the genocide carried out on its part in Jammu & Kashmir.

India is accustomed to attacking Pakistan with weak excuses to turn the world’s attention to its crimes. Last year, in February, using a self-designed Pulwama incident, carried out a remote surgical attack on Pakistan. Right after hours of the Pulwama incident, without conducting an investigation or gathering evidence, the Indian Prime Minister blamed Pakistan and threatened with a surgical attack. Pulwama was planned beforehand and was only used as a reason for paralysis. Similar tricks can be repeated by India again.

In fact, India faces a massive economic crisis, internal uprisings, mass protests, ethnic divisions, and religious discrimination. Poor agriculture decreases industrial output, and lack of economic activity, the country faces a big challenge.

Because of the poor record of human rights and religious discrimination, the world reaction was intensified. The Human Rights Watch report, or the US commission on the story of religious freedom, or the EU report, all condemned India. Islamophobia also alienates India from the Muslim world. India faces international isolation.

Having a dispute with all its neighbors, India is under huge pressure. India’s territorial dispute with Nepal took a new turn, when Nepal issued a new Map, which showed its entire territory, part of the Occupied Indian territory as well. Amendments to the Citizenship Act could affect two million Muslims and may face deportation to Bangladesh, and water disputes make two countries (India-Bangladesh) enemies. With May Myanmar, territorial disputes and refugee issues also create strange relations between them. By supporting Tamil rebels, India undermined its relationship with Sri Lanka. Because of interference in domestic politics, his relationship with the Maldives soared. The illegal occupation of Jammu & Kashmir, Gurdaspur, Juna Ghar, is a cause of tension between India and Pakistan. The rejection of the right of self-determination to Kashmiris for seven decades and the non-adoption of UN resolutions passed in 1948 on Kashmir is a genuine concern for Pakistan. Frequent violations of control lines and cross-border terrorism are serious problems. India’s occupation of Chinese territory and border clashes has worsened recently. India hosted the Tibetan government in exile the Dalai Lama, and openly opposed BRI caused inconvenience between the two countries. Too skewed towards US and Indian efforts to compete and detain China may be a genuine problem for Beijing.

Recent tensions with Nepal and China can be a catalyst, and India is making another false flag operation against Pakistan. India uses spy drones to fight Pakistan, one of which was shot down by Pakistan as far as 650 meters inside Pakistani territory.

India’s frequent violations of Line of Control (LoC) and cross-border terrorism are tools to incite Pakistan and force full war.

Pakistan is in the hands of a visionary leadership, and the people of Pakistan are basically peace-loving. Pakistan has observed restraint and patience because we know the consequences of war, especially when India and Pakistan are nuclear states and have enough weapons to destroy each other. If India is crazy, we are not.

This is an appeal to the international community to intervene and force India to cool its war frenzy. The UN and P5 may pay attention to India’s aggressive attitude towards all its neighbors, especially with Pakistan. Timely intervention can prevent major disasters.

However, our love for peace may not be mistaken for weakness. If war is imposed, Pakistan is in a position to surprise India. We surprised India last year on 27 February and can surprise in a much stronger way if the situation arises in the future.

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