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That Sacramento Kings play solid ball before The NBA The season was stopped indefinitely due to a coronavirus pandemic. They won seven of their last 10 matches when the league was forced to press the pause button. Whether the season continues or not, it is clear that the kings are not where they want to be in the Western Territory hierarchy. Despite entering the hiatus with a hot streak, they sit in 11th position with a record of 28-36 with work to be done in the offseason in terms of personnel and task lists.

While the kings will likely seek to add some established talent through free agents, their top priority will be the guards reenter Bogdan Bogdanovic, according to Jason Jones of The Athletic. Bogdanovic averaged career highs of 14.5 points for Kings this season, while firing 43 percent from the floor and 36 percent from the inside. He also started 20 matches straight after coming off the bench to start the season.

That Suns Bogdanovic was voted 27th overall in the first round of 2014 NBA draft, But exchanging it with the kings without him was ever suitable for Phoenix. He made his NBA debut in 2017, and has since developed into an important part of Sacramento’s rotation. Thus, the kings are reportedly planning to match outside offers for Bogdanovic, who will become a limited free agent this summer.

From The Athletic:

Re-sign a limited free agent Bogdan Bogdanovic will be the top priority. The Kings intend to match any offer sheets from other teams, if Bogdanovic signs one. If Bogdanovic is treated, look for Kings to seek help defensively, especially in the wings. The Kings do not have sufficient size on the perimeter and can use several players in the 6-foot-8 range who can play in an advanced position.

The king’s desire to defend Bogdanovic is certainly no secret. They Bogdanovic offers a four-year contract extension, $ 51.4 million in October, but he never signed the offer, which made sense when he stood up to order more money at a free agent. However, he has expressed his desire to remain in Sacramento.

“I want to stay here,” Bogdanovic said at the time. “Everyone knows that I love Sacramento. Everyone is happy to be here. This is a large group of men. I am happy now and I am happy all this time, but I don’t want to rush … I just want to see what happens with the team, where we’re going, and, of course, I want to always be part of the franchise, but I’m not focused on that, that is the work my agent has to do, everyone who knows me, they know money is not the first thing I have in mind. That is important, of course, but it is not always the first thing. ”

While Bogdanovic disagreed with the extension, another prime mover for the Kings agreed. Sacramento signed guard Buddy Hield for a four-year extension, $ 86 million back in October. The deal could eventually pay Hield more than $ 100 million with incentives and bonuses included. Harrison Barnes is also under contract with Kings until 2023, and Marvin Bagley is under the control of the team until at least 2022. Obviously, the team is happy with its younger core parts, and tries to lock them all for the future. After Bogdanovic, the kings also had to make a decision about guard De’Aaron Fox, who would become a limited free agent after the 2020-21 season.

As a capable spacer in a league that has given such players a premium, Bogdanovic is likely to attract a lot of interest in free agents. However, the Kings seem to be committed to keeping it in Sacramento, as they look to continue climbing back into contention. While keeping Bogdanovic alone is not enough to throw the kings in the West standings, it will be a solid start.

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