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Cleveland, Ohio — Browns fans are not only wondering how Kevin Stefanski will find enough football to go around for Nick Chubb, Kareem hunt, Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper and others.

“I actually went, what with the attack this morning, just about what is touching and what it looks like,‘ Stefanski said Thursday at the conference zoom. “This is by far in our opinion. We know, having been on different teams with different forwards, sometimes a running back, a great receiver or a great tight end, and of course you have to remember and deliberate about how you want to go about it, knowing that every week calls for a different tactic.‘

He acknowledged that potentially too many players skill is a good problem to have.

“We are fortunate enough to players at each of these levels that can affect the game, but it’s definitely on our mind, how to divide the pie and how you design plays‘, he said. “It’s definitely something we’re talking about.”

Just Nick Chubb and one situation Kareem hunt-mystery. Chubb almost won the rushing title last season, and hunt won it as a rookie in 2017. Whose hands you want to get the ball? Of course, he’s not going to share their plans with the ravens.

“I’ll keep it on my Board – If you have a hidden camera in here, and you know,‘ he joked.

In addition, he will have to cut the offence in connection with the actual offseason?

“This is what we’re talking about‘, he said. “We’re going to wait to see what the practice schedule and meeting schedule looks like, but this is definitely something on our mind, making sure we cover everything we need to cover, and then forget about how we do it.”

Here are some other highlights from the 25 minutes of the conference Stefanski is:

1. He completed the program in the offseason and said his goodbyes

Stefanski is wrapped in a 10-week program virtual the offseason this week and gave the players their orders until training camp begins in late July. Rookies, quarterbacks and injured players report on July 24 veterans report on July 28.

He held a team meeting on Monday and then exit meeting with veterans on Monday and Tuesday. He finished the away game with newcomers on Thursday, and now the players themselves to the camp.

“It is important to view this offseason, review their performance, make sure they know our expectations for them going forward, ask for feedback on what they want to work in the next few weeks and just set them this a break with Some things on their mind ways that they can do better and make sure that they use each day as an opportunity to do better‘, he said.

Stefanski will speak with Baker Mayfield on security, if he is in another camp Mayfield

2. He will wait to decide on playcalling

Stefanski will stick to its plan to allow playcalling decision to reveal himself during pre-season, with him or offensive coordinator Alex van pelt to regulate chore.

“We don’t know‘, he said. “I wish things could go back to the house to make it to practice and to gather, before you make that decision. This decision will be made until September 13, I promise you.”

In obj the 100% ready to camp, Stefanski says

3. He is concerned about soft tissue injuries in camp

“That’s definitely something we’re talking, of course, what we want to be smart,‘ he said. “We have information we can use sports science in our favor in this case and we can use the medical staff. Injuries are part of the game – everyone gets that – but how we can use this information in our best interest to make sure that we put our players in position to practice definitely something we think about right now.”

4. He will form a Committee of the social justice players

Stefanski organizing Committee of social justice to help you players in the arena and is involved in the fight against racism.

“We’ll sit down and continue, continue, continue to be about action and things we can do in the community‘, he said. “These are ongoing, but certainly something that when we get back together, it will be easier for us to ensure that there are actions that we can put into place when we get back together.”

He appreciated the letter Andrew berry, to all employees of the Browns due to the death of George Floyd expressing sympathy and empathy, and challenging everyone to take action.

“I thought it was wonderful‘, he said. “That’s what leadership looks like. Our organization and our ownership have always taken diversity and social justice in the heart. There are so many initiatives that they have been doing for many years. I just think Andrew is doing and what this organisation is doing, leading from the front. This is amazing.”

5. He has proof, the players grasped schemes and ready to camp

Stefanski has reason to believe that the players are ready to take up the case in July.

“We did a lot of testing,‘ said he. “There are certain applications that you can use, and the coaches have done a variety of ways to put guys on Board, if you will, almost. Here is how you can evaluate the amount they learn. Now, as we all know, one of the main aspects of learning is doing. I believe we can do it, and we are at a disadvantage based on 31 other clubs that are on the same equal terms as us.‘

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