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There were a couple times when an almost normal during Mets Manager Brodie van Wagenen for 40 minutes to increase conference call with reporters on Monday afternoon. There were updates injury about often in the side Jones céspedes (soon) and jed lowrie (not so much). There was discussion about the Mets rotation, which is still strong, despite the loss of Noah Syndergaard for surgery Tommy John.

And van Wagenen, working on a team that is fluent in the art to find the most optimistic of the sample, to justify his ever short-term solutions, said metastasis is in a good position for the 2020 season, because they had Newfoundland and Labrador is the highest in the last 60 games of 2019.

“So if we can pick up where we left off and go through a 60-game sprint, I think we’re going to be able at the end that we will be satisfied,” van Wagenen said.

Of course, the phrase “60-game sprint” is the latest reminder that nothing in 2020-this is normal.

Original graphics 2020 Mets were enjoying their 12th day of the regular season on Monday. Instead, because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, on Monday became the 109th straight day with no baseball in new York or anywhere else. If all goes according to plan, the counter will reach 112 days until Mets will meet on Friday to start the second spring training (to be organized at major League baseball under the name “summer camp”, which is not as impressive as it is cynical).

Three weeks later, in the 60-game season is scheduled to begin. No one knows who the Mets will play or where they play or if they and everyone else will be playing, and for how long.

“We all want to play baseball,” said van Wagenen. “I know that fans want to watch as much baseball as they can. That’s what we all go to work for. And assuming that we can all work together to implement these protocols and to respect each other and follow the rules, I’m sure we can make this happen.”

While van Wagenen always speaks in the most optimistic terms, there is reason to believe that the Mets are in a decent position in terms of a baseball health and a much more important question of General health and readiness for the challenges that lie ahead, like a second spring training approaching.

And Syndergaard, who was injured just before the trip and passed at the end of March, its elbow joint, I do not see the diamond until 2021, Mets was outfielder Michael Shuttle from the airport back on the field when the team will meet on Friday. Shuttle service to / from the airport suffered an oblique injury in early March and likely would have missed most of the first month, but he’s back to taking batting practice at the end of April.

Cespedes, who was one match from 13 may 2018 multiple heel surgeries and that meeting a wild Boar on his farm, apparently on pace to have a chance to open a shortened season, the Mets ‘ first designated hitter.

“We look forward to seeing him in camp and I think he should be closer to game-ready than when we last saw him in March,” van Wagenen said. “We are optimistic, this bat can be a real influence and be a bit of a divider for us as we prepare ourselves for the rest of the teams in the League.”

Of course, preparation is quite different and more sinister challenges in this season. The team never had to test players for the highly contagious virus, nor pondered the possibility that players can choose to skip the season.

As of Monday, van Wagenen, it is expected that all players in the Mets’ 60-players to report to camp this week. One of the members of the 40-man roster tested positive for the coronavirus during a stop and rebounding. Van Wagenen said he was not sure if the player is cleared for activity on Friday.

More players, of course, can test positive after returning from other States and countries. Somehow everything under two roofs — the Mets will hold their second spring training at Citi field and Brooklyn’s MCU Park, which usually stored the Mets new York-Penn League partner van Wagenen sure the presence of leaders who were placed in new York, as the district became the first in North America, the Epicenter of the mers will help to emphasize the players need to take precautions to minimize their risks and exposure.

“Those of us who were in new York over the past few months, admits that this market was to look at the virus Covid differently than maybe some other markets,” said van Wagenen. “Such behavior we feel that we have in place now as a community, we think it’s a good one. And we will continue to educate our players about how we overcame some of the initial bursts, the virus as a community during the early part.

“We want to continue to improve so that we can stop this spread and continue to try to see some decline or at least stabilize it.”

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